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25 December 2016

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The flames of war have been sparked, and only you can fight back the chaos to come. Take control of the enigmatic Nightmare and carry out galactic justice on the latest of many insurgent forces! Use your fighting skill and superior agility to outmaneuver and dismantle foes in a brutally difficult game of fast-paced CARNAGE! Fight your way through fierce battles and frantic platforming challenges! Earn your place as one of the galaxy's legends - if you can survive to the end!


Carnage in Space: Ignition began life as a zero-budget college side-project in late 2012, with the intent of making a fully-featured but basic game expanding on the concept of MoscowModder's earlier work, Carnage in Space ZC. Over time, it has slowly accumulated both features and budget, evolving from one man's hobby into a self-hosted web-based game with contracted original art and a musical score... which is still just one man's hobby.


  • Intense, adrenaline-filled, fast-paced platforming action!
  • Lovingly-animated 16-bit style pixel art, down to the smallest explosion!
  • Beautiful rock/electronic original soundtrack to feast your ears to!
  • Tons of unique, exotic, and unforgetabble weapons to mix-and-match!
  • Tough, powerful, and absolutely brutal enemies and bosses to violently dismantle!
  • A dark, cynical story that will make you question your very existence!


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MM//Productions is an indie game studio that really consists of just one guy* who makes games for fun and profit. Mostly for fun.

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Carnage in Space: Ignition Credits

John Brink (MoscowModder)
Creator, Designer, Programmer, Artist, etc.

Robert Eddie
Freelance Artist

Alyx Jones
Freelance Musician

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