Spit and Polish

Boss Rush is nearly done! That bonus boss is starting to look pretty horrifying! But before I toss the next (and FINAL) major release out the door, I figure it’s about time to hand you my very large pile of bugfixes and minor updates.

First off: Desktop versions!
You can now download Ignition for Windows or Mac OS to play from the comfort of your desktop/laptop. It even gets its own neat little icon in the taskbar/dock!

This may not seem like much, but this will be the key to figuring out my monetization strategy. Who knows? You may someday see this game on Steam.

Next up: Hit flashes!
Every melee weapon (and eventually, every bullet) has a unique flash that appears over an enemy when you hit it. Just a little more flavor shaken into the game, I guess.

Tag. You’re it.

Let’s see. What else is there? Oh, yes. Better confirmation dialogs (before you log out of your offline save and delete it forever), the very last updated shop image (for the Polar Blades), some more Easter Eggs, and a slightly grumpier Quadcopter (in LVL5). I’d mention bugfixes, but that’s what the changelog is for.


Until next time,

~ MM

== Major ==
[SYSTEM] Added downloadable versions for Windows & Mac (available on the home page)

== Minor ==
[CUTSCENE] The camera shows you what’s going on elsewhere during the LVL9 post-boss cutscene
[GAMEPLAY] The Grenade Launcher’s grenades travel farther
[GAMEPLAY] Added two more Easter eggs
[GAMEPLAY] The transition in the LVL5 boss fight from turret to on-foot battle is more dynamic
[GRAPHICS] Added hit flashes for all melee weapons
[GRAPHICS] Redesigned the detail image for the Polar Blades
[MENU] Redesigned confirmation dialogs (when logging out of an offline save, for example) to be less obnoxious
[WEBSITE] Added recent achievements to the Profile page

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] The Grenade Launcher would do nothing if it touches an enemy as you fire it
[GAMEPLAY] Some of the trucks in LVL5 would cause you to constantly rise and fall while standing on them
[GAMEPLAY] The usable turret in the LVL5 boss fight would occasionally drop items when destroyed
[GRAPHICS] The LVL5 background had a faint seam between the background image and the solid blue sky

End of the Line

This is it. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. It’s been a long time coming, but here it is at last.


LVL9 is out! And the galaxy will never be the same again.

Get out of my way. NOW.

In other news:

  • The Vibrosword Vitreblade redesign is finished
  • The Weapon Charger accessory is no longer absolutely useless.
  • There are some new UI sounds for navigating menus
  • A bunch of bugfixes

I’ve had an awesome time developing this update for you guys, so I hope you enjoy it! Development on Ignition has been long and rocky, but totally worth it.

Well, enough sentimentality. Time to get to work on Boss Rush!

As always, HUZZAH!

== Major ==
[GRAPHICS] Redesigned the Vitreblade’s remaining attacks
[LEVEL] Added LVL9: End of the Line

== Minor ==
[CUTSCENE] Retconned the name of planet Iota to Itikon. Deal with it.
[GAMEPLAY] The Vitreblade can now deflect any number of shots at once
[GAMEPLAY] The Vitreblade’s thrust attack has had its damage reduced from 6 to 5
[GAMEPLAY] The Weapon Charger now does double damage instead of a small (read: useless) damage boost
[GAMEPLAY] Shrunk Nightmare’s hitbox during the Vibrosword’s attacks
[GRAPHICS] Removed the shadows from LVL2 and LVL5
[MENU] The Replay Cutscenes setting is enabled by default on new save files
[MENU] Added new sound effects: Menu move, Menu select
[MENU] Names of locked achievements are now hidden
[MENU] The Easter Egg achievement tells you how many are left (NOTE: NOT ALL OF THESE ARE IN THE GAME YET)

== Bugfix ==
[CUTSCENE] The LVL5 Outro cutscene would sometimes skip most of the dialogue
[GAMEPLAY] LVL7 would freeze after retrying in INSANE mode
[GAMEPLAY] You could fire your gun while using the turret in LVL5
[GAMEPLAY] Pulling out the Particle Blaster while it’s touching an enemy could freeze Nightmare’s controls
[GAMEPLAY] Firing the Particle Blaster while the shot is touching an enemy would not hurt that enemy

Not a Lightsaber

No really, it isn’t.

Not pictured: a lightsaber

As you can probably tell, today’s update features some big changes to the mighty Vitreblade!

  1. The combo attack is redesigned and looks awesome (other attacks to come later)
  2. It’s a bit harder to block shots with, but more effective when you pull it off
  3. The combo attack does more damage

Also in today’s update: INSANE bugfixes! There were points in LVL2 and 6 (the entire level, in the case of the latter) where dying and retrying would freeze the game or render the level unbeatable. Well, no more!

In other news, I intend to release LVL9 late next month and I expect you to hold me to that.

== Major ==
[GRAPHICS] Redesigned the Vitreblade combo attack
[GAMEPLAY] The Vitreblade can deflect up to 5 shots in a row (up from 3)
[GAMEPLAY] The Vitreblade’s third combo attack does 6 damage (up from 4)
[GAMEPLAY] Shots deflected by the Vitreblade no longer have their damage halved
[GAMEPLAY] Deflected shots will be scattered randomly (depending on which attack you used)

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] The fragments from the LVL8 boss’ mines move more quickly
[GAMEPLAY] Explosions won’t linger on-screen after finishing their animation
[GAMEPLAY] Soulfire’s second combo attack does more damage (8 -> 9)
[GAMEPLAY] Slightly shrunk Nightmare’s hitbox in some common animations
[GRAPHICS] Reduced the screen height by 2 pixels to remove some thin white bars at the bottom of some cutscenes
[GRAPHICS] The rocket launcher makes non-damaging explosions with each hit
[UI] Equipped items are centered on the pause screen

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Desakh’s boss fight wouldn’t properly restart after a retry
[GAMEPLAY] In INSANE mode, LVL6 would freeze after a retry

Nearing the End

Wow, has it really been over a month since the last update? Sorry ’bout that. I have been alternating between being really de-motivated/uninspired, and working feverishly on LVL9.

The good news is, LVL9 is almost finished! The game is almost complete! The bad news is, of course, that it’s not finished now. All that remains now is the final boss and finishing touches on the level, and then the ending cutscenes, and the credits, and thorough testing… you know.

In the meantime, I have a handful of goodies for you players, in the form of graphical fixes, a new sound effect, and some slightly better cutscenes. It’s not much, but I hope that will help tide you over until the next major update. And considering it’s the final level, it’s gonna be really major.

If these updates don’t tide you over, maybe this screenshot will!
Woah, what’s with that crazy weapon and WHERE CAN I GET ONE?!

Until then, Merry Christmas!
(And huzzah.)

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Replaced the Vibrosword’s SFX with one that’s not copyrighted
[CUTSCENE] Added interrupting text to some cutscenes
[CUTSCENE] Re-wrote a few lines of text in a few cutscenes
[GAMEPLAY] Tuhrahkkkii’s fire breath reaches farther
[GRAPHICS] Changed the Heavy Mook’s minigun to match the Gun Copter
[GRAPHICS] Collectibles are visible as you’re collecting them
[GRAPHICS] The backdrop in the LVL8 intro loops better

== Bugfix ==
[CUTSCENE] Fixed a SFX and camera positioning on the Silencer in the LVL8 intro
[GRAPHICS] Beginning or ending a wall slide while shooting would mess up Nightmare’s shooting animations

The Big One

It’s been over two months since the last update. Thanks for being patient, players! Your reward? Oh, nothing, just the biggest update EVER. Like really, I’m pretty sure no update to this game has been as HUGE as this one. Hold on to your hats, folks! You’re about to get blown away.


Not all weapons are created equal. Or maybe some weapons are more equal than others. Regardless, some weapons tend to collect dust while you play with more powerful/awesome/practical ones. But now, I’ve put some much-needed TLC into everyone’s least-favorite weapon to create this beauty!

Bet you don't even recognize this baby!
Bet you don’t even recognize this baby!

At long last, the Beam Flail has taken its place alongside its pointier brethren as a true force to be reckoned with. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed.


The Plot Thickens

No screenshot of this. Spoilers, ya know? This update adds two new flashback cutscenes after levels 2 and 4 which tell you just a little bit more about where Nightmare came from and what he’s like. And it’s about time, too. We’re almost to the game’s climax! Seriously, you should go enable Replay Cutscenes in Settings and go watch those.


Surprise! Ignition is getting its very own original soundtrack! To start it off, all of the game’s menus and once-silent cutscenes have been filled with some pretty fantastic tunes exclusive to this game. I’ve even got a glorious new theme that goes perfectly with the title screen. Be sure to give it a listen before mashing that Enter key!

Little Goodies and Those Darn Bugs

There’s a truckload of minor changes in here that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. First, the good news: Enemy drops are working again! They’ve been broken for so long you probably forgot enemies are supposed to give you items on death. Furthermore, I think I finally fixed the absentee Quadcopter glitch in LVL5… again.

Now, the other good news: Enemies (and you) flash white when hit, to make it more obvious damage is happening. The Vitreblade, Beam Flail, and Weapon Charger all have new SFX. All of the accessories have had their icons and detail images updated (especially the ones whose detail images were flat-out missing).


The Final Assault

You know what this is? Oh, just the title of the brand-new Level 7! I’ve pulled out all the stops to make this the biggest, deadliest, most awesome environment so far. You can expect traps and baddies galore, joined by the most dangerous non-boss enemy in the entire game. Yeah, that’s him down there.

Question: Am I about to die in this picture?
Question: Am I about to die in this picture?

With this new level, we’ve finally reached the bottom row. This is it. Nearly at the endgame. I wasn’t kidding when I said you should go replay levels 2 and 4 for the new cutscenes, mind you – the story is beginning to wrap up! And the world will never be the same.

What’s Next?

Hang on, the game’s not over yet! This may be the biggest update ever, but it’s certainly not the last! Before I add LVL8, my plan for the next update is to add another of those things you’ve all been waiting for: the first Challenge mode! Get ready to take on wave upon wave of unrelenting enemies, because the Endless Ground challenge is on its way. And, if I ever finalize its feature set, the dreaded INSANE mode. Be very afraid.


== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added LVL7
[CUTSCENE] Added 2 additional cutscenes after the end of LVL2 and LVL4
[AUDIO] Added original music pieces to all the game’s menus and cutscenes
[GRAPHICS] Redesigned the Beam Flail
[GRAPHICS] Updated the icons and detail images for all accessories
[AUDIO] Replaced the SFX for the Beam Flail, Vitreblade, and Weapon Charger

== Minor ==
[UI] The health bar no longer blurs when you’re low on health (caused a graphical glitch)
[UI] The health bar shatters when you die
[AUDIO] The text sound is quieter
[GAMEPLAY] Double-jumps are slightly weaker
[MENU] The easter egg on the title screen appears sooner and more often
[GRAPHICS] Player and enemies flash white when hurt
[GAMEPLAY] The Lance dash attack does more damage and pushes you back more
[MENU] Levels after 7 are hidden until LVL7 is completed
[AUDIO] The text SFX doesn’t play when adding spaces
[WEAPONS] Sniper Rifle shots pierce through multiple enemies

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Fixed the Quadcopter not appearing in LVL5… for real this time?
[GAMEPLAY] It was possible to get stuck falling onto the ground at the start of LVL5
[GAMEPLAY] It was possible to deflect turret rockets in LVL5
[GAMEPLAY] Enemy drops were not working

The WOW factor


This update, I’ve been focusing with feverish intensity on one important aspect of the game: EVERYTHING!

To be precise, this update is all about polishing up some older and unfinished bits of the game, and injecting the most mundane features (like the platforming and even the humble menus) with some WOW! I want to make a trailer soon, and the game’s gotta be on its best appearance!

#1: Life bars

You mean I made a whole update for some slanted life bars?!?!
You mean I made a whole update for some slanted life bars?!?!

Yes, life bars are slanted now. Whoop-de-do. More importantly, they’re more accurate. As you’ll see in the next picture, it’s now simple to see exactly how many HP you’ve lost.

#2: Gibs

Ouch. Poor Desakh...
Ouch. Poor Desakh…

All enemies (including bosses) now have their own unique gibs that fly off when damaged… and explode into their component parts on death! Yikes… Desakh’s sure had a rough day.

#3: Fonts

It is my life's goal to get you excited over the shape of text in a video game!
It is my life’s goal to get you excited over the appearance of text in a video game!

A lot of the game’s text, mainly the pause, shop, level select, and title screens, have been changed from the Arnprior font to my lovingly-sprited Carnage font. I kinda liked Arnprior, but it has two major downsides: 1) It clashes with the SNES-style graphics of the rest of the game, and 2) A lot of you don’t even have it installed on your computers so all you see is some boring font like Arial. Very uncool.

#4: The Fusion Lance

Gun copter? Meet LANCECOPTER!
Gun copter? Meet LANCECOPTER!

Remember the Fusion Lance? That little thing with the spinning jump attack and not much else? Well, it’s my favorite weapon. And now I think it will be your favorite weapon too. Seriously, a static image does not do this thing justice. You gotta try it out.

I could watch this all day.
I could watch this all day.

Now that’s more like it.

#5: Intro Cutscene

The game now has an intro cutscene that plays when you first create your save file, before you reach the title screen. It should help you better understand what’s going on in the world behind the shooty slashing action. I think it’s pretty cool in its own right, too.

For the next update, I plan to go back and revise and greatly expand some older cutscenes to breathe more life into the story. You may or may not care what’s going on in there, but I do. And you will. Come LVL7, you certainly will.

What’s that? Already have your save created and missed the intro cutscene? No problem – you can also watch it from the titlescreen.


I’d say that’s all for today, but there’s also a very long changelog beneath this farewell. Regardless, farewell! Can’t wait to show you the next thing, because LVL7 is gonna be Earth-shattering. FIGURATIVELY!

See ya next post,



== Major ==
[CUTSCENE] Added a game intro cutscene
[CUTSCENE] If you die to a boss, its cutscene will not play again on retry
[GAMEPLAY] Redesigned the Fusion Lance
[GRAPHICS] Every enemy in the game has unique shrapnel on hit and death

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] Golem rocks will not hurt you after they stop moving
[GRAPHICS] Converted some more sprites and shop detail images to 16-color graphics
[GRAPHICS] Updated the rotors on the basic Copters
[GRAPHICS] Shrapnel will not fly away so lidicrously far
[GRAPHICS] Updated Nightmare’s dash, jump, and fall animations
[HUD] Changed the shape of health bars
[HUD] Moved equipment icons from the HUD to the pause menu
[LEVEL] Reduced the time limit on LVL4
[LEVEL] Reduced the damage par on LVL6
[LEVEL] Expanded Felidae’s boss intro
[LEVEL] Slight graphical improvements in LVL4
[MENU] Changed some text on the pause menu and in the shop to the Carnage font
[MENU] The level begin SFX will not play if Fast Transitions is enabled
[MENU] Changed some shop descriptions
[MENU] The mouse cursor is 2x its previous size
[MENU] Renamed the Lightsaber to Vitreblade

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Killing multiple enemies at the same time would only count as one
[GRAPHICS] It was possible to take damage while dying and cause a graphical glitch
[HUD] The width of health bars was not completely accurate


Well, it’s time for the secret to come out.






Now that that’s out of the way,



Yeah, that’s right. I dropped the 2 and added a sub-title. Why? I’ll tell you why.

  1. My grand and overly-ambitious plans make IGNITION the first game in a trilogy while the previous game is standalone, so a 2 doesn’t make much sense here.
  2. The new subtitle emphasizes a FIRE motif that I want to use throughout the series.
  3. The new logo uses the same 16-bit pixel art style I’m using for the rest of the game.
  4. The new logo is ANIMATED! You have to see it in-game.
  5. Seriously, the new title screen is awesome. You should go watch (and listen to) it for a minute and wait for things to happen.

Also new: minor changes and bug fixes. Items look nicer.


== Major ==
[MENU] Re-designed the title screen
[AUDIO] Replaced the Menu1 music

== Minor ==
[MENU] Changed some text on the Gamepad tab of the Settings page
[GRAPHICS] Updated the health, ammo and money item sprites
[GAMEPLAY] The in-game HUD shows how much money you’ve collected this level; not your total

== Bugfix ==
[MENU] Save files may not have downloaded correctly on login
[GAMEPLAY] Collected money was saved after a Game Over or exiting the level

Combat Improvements

I realized this past week that this game has drained away all of my inspiration and motivation to work on Solaris, and that makes me sad. I hope I can still get that game finished someday. It is quite awesome in its own right, and deserves to be done.

But enough bad news. Time for the good news!

First up: Shortly after the last update, I released CiS2 onto Kongregate and the Chrome Web Store! Users playing on Kongregate can use their Kongregate credentials to log into the game, and still get the same highscores and profile page that they’d get with a standard login. Currently there is no way to associate a normal account with a Kongregate login, or to log into the site with your Kongregate credentials. I’ll get that done eventually, but hey – I’m only one guy!

Second: Shield improvements! Previously, the shield had a bad habit of lagging behind the player when moving, so that you’d get hit by shots while walking into them. To fix this, I stapled the shield to Nightmare’s hand. He doesn’t mind; that armor’s pretty tough. I also gave it a lick of 8-bit paint to bring it in line with current sprite design.

Third: You can now use your melee weapons while wall-sliding or climbing without falling off! As a bonus, the Soulfire Blade and the Fusion Lance have a shiny new animation for this that will serve as a preview of their impending redesigns (along with every other melee weapon that needs an 8-bit-style update).

Fourth: Tons of bug fixes and minor enhancements. Read the changelog below to see what all got changed.

Don’t ask when LVL6 is coming out. Some people need to read that. You know who you are.
I did make one new enemy for it, so that’s something.

Until next time, ENJOY THE CARNAGE!


== Major ==
[MENU] Added the option to log in with Kongregate. This only works while playing on kongregate.com
[OTHER] If you are logged in with Kongregate, your scores will also be submitted to the game’s Kongregate’s scoreboard
[GAMEPLAY] Added wall-sliding melee attacks
[GAMEPLAY] Added climbing melee attacks

== Minor ==
[CUTSCENE] More messages will scroll the textbox instead of being split up
[WEAPONS] The shield has been re-drawn to fit 8-bit limitations
[GAMEPLAY] Double-jump will recharge when wall-sliding
[WEAPONS] The Lightsaber will only deflect up to 5 shots at a time
[ENEMIES] Tuhrahkkkii will give you more time to react before dashing

== Bugfix ==
[CUTSCENE] Level outro cutscenes would not play if “Replay Cutscenes” was disabled
[GRAPHICS] The backdrop in the LVL1 intro cutscene was misaligned after the last update
[WEAPONS] The shield would lag behind the player while moving
[WEAPONS] The shield would not appear while jumping
[MENU] The Lightsaber’s price was 0
[LEVEL] The underwater effects in LVL3 would not return when revisiting the level
[ENEMIES] Crawlers were obsessed with moving left
[AUDIO] The Sniper rifle sound would not play
[LEVEL] It was possible to move in LVL2 while skydiving or during the boss death cutscene