Pain and Suffering and What’s That?

What’s new today? Why only the number one two a feature that all most some of you have been waiting for! I am speaking, of course, of INSANE! mode! This is the most ferocious difficulty setting of them all – only the most self-hating pain-seekers need apply!

In other news, the OST has been extended to LVL6, making the atmosphere extra eerie and sinister!

In other other news, I’ve begun hiding little secrets across the game. Keep a sharp eye out!

== Major ==
[AUDIO] Added new OST to LVL6

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Added new SFX to the loading screen / studio logo
[GAMEPLAY] Slightly reduced Nightmare’s walking speed
[GAMEPLAY] Reduced the Scattergun’s rate of fire
[GRAPHICS] The mouse cursor will dissappear when you use the keyboard to navigate a menu
[GAMEPLAY] Added an easter egg… somewhere
[MENU] It was hard to select “Start in Fullscreen” with the keyboard

Rough Edges and a Sharp Edge

There’s not a whole lot to see here, except for a REALLY BIG SWORD that’s looking sharper, prettier, and more astonishingly lethal than ever! But aside from that, there’s just a bunch of bugfixes. And Soulfire’s new dash attack. And a new sound effect. And Soulfire’s new jump attack. And some broken cutscene fixes. Also, as a bonus, Soulfire!

That’s it for today, but expect an update to the aged Vitreblade animations before too long. AND THAT’S NOT ALL! I’ve just started working on the game’s FINAL LEVEL. So that’s going to be unleashed upon you, eventually.

Until next time,

== Major ==
[GAMEPLAY] Redesigned Soulfire’s dash and jump attacks

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Added a radio sound effect to LVL5 Intro and LVL8 Intro
[GAMEPLAY] Dash attacks move more quickly
[GAMEPLAY] The turret controls are now explained tutorial popups like LVL1 and 8
[GRAPHICS] Limited the amount of shrapnel on screen to reduce lag in Endless Space Battle

== Bugfix ==
[BUGFIX] Destroying a camera in LVL6 with a scattergun could get a bit noisy
[BUGFIX] Some cutscenes had triggers happening too early
[BUGFIX] Desakh would hurt you out of a dash too early in his spear-wall attack
[BUGFIX] Beating the LVL7 boss while facing left could make the next cutscene unintentionally funny

Prepped for Inspection

Nothing too major to see here. It’s what’s about to happen that’s exciting! I’m about to show the game to some reviewers, so I had to touch up a couple things beforehand.

There’s really only one change in the game you might find interesting:

It's pronounced "em em slash slash productions", in case you were confused.
It’s pronounced “em em slash slash productions”, in case you were confused.

Fun fact: Giving yourself a studio name makes you 150% more legitimate and 10% more awesome. Besides sitting here collecting dust in this blog post, the logo adds a nice little touch to the otherwise-boring loading screen.

Anyway, the reason I added this is to look good for the reviewers, so if everything works out, we may have an influx of players and a boost in attention coming in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed!

== Minor ==
[MENU] Added a new studio logo to the loading screen
[SOCIAL] The “Brag” button no longer pre-fills a message, in accordance with Facebook’s app policy
[SYSTEM] All calls to the server now use https
[WEBSITE] Added a Press Kit page
[WEBSITE] Added a Privacy Policy page

Blazing Ahead

Wow, has it really been two months since the last update? Sorry about that. I was working on the trailer again, but I ran into technical issues and had to abandon it… again. Sigh.

Time for what I did get accomplished: FIRE! AND SPACE! And ice. Let’s see what’s on today’s menu, shall we?

That Tuhrahkkkii guy just needs to... *puts on sunglasses* CHILL OUT. *is shot*
That Tuhrahkkkii guy just needs to…
*puts on sunglasses*
*is shot*

First up, an upgrade to the Polar Blades! They’ve been upgraded from mediocre to MAGICAL, with two new steps in their combo attack. As you can see above, these two new attacks shoot ice and fire waves respectively, so you can take down baddies from a distance without using up your ammo – or finish them off up close with an extra-long combo!

Second, we have a NEW LEVEL! Endless Space Battle is ready and waiting to make you hurt – once you’ve finished LVL8, that is. Can you kill enough to get the Ace Pilot achievement? Can you claw your way up the ranks to the top of the Endless Space highscores? Find out now!

And third… bugfixes and minor. You know the drill. That’s what the handy-dandy changelog is for!

And now: The final level is looming! A formidable pile of fixes and tweaks is waiting to be bolted on! The adventure is nearly at its end! Are you ready to face the final challenge? Find out next time, on CARNAGE IN SPACE! Preferably in less than 2 months.


== Major ==
[GAMEPLAY] Added new projectile moves to the Polar Blades combo attack
[LEVEL] Added Endless Space Battle

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] The capsules in the LVL7 boss fight will spawn enemies less frequently
[GAMEPLAY] The LVL7 boss will not fire its beam all the way up to the top of the screen
[GAMEPLAY] Adjusted Desakh’s hitbox during his lunge animation
[MENU] Added “Reset tutorials” button to Settings | Gameplay

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Pressing Enter to skip text would also pause the game
[GRAPHICS] LVL8 enemies had the wrong shrapnel
[GRAPHICS] Guns would appear in the wrong place when shooting from a ladder
[LEVEL] It was possible to move while skydiving into LVL2

To the Stars

What? That was the most original post title I could come up with. Don’t look at me like that. After all, LEVEL 8 IS OUT! HUZZAH!

Those brave few of you who have beaten level 7 are probably wondering where on Earth in space the game’s gonna go from there. Can’t really tell you about the plot in this level, because spoilers and all, but the locale is, well, in the game’s title. Not the Ignition part. The other part. The place where the Carnage is.

It just might be in space.
It just might be in space.

In other news, I’ve made the game a bit more forgiving for people who struggle with its AGONIZING difficulty. If you die, the game will assume you’re not a quitter and take you right back to the last checkpoint without asking you if you want to throw in the towel first (you can still exit the level by pausing as usual). If you die 3 times in a row, you’ll get a little power-up (at no cost) that might help you survive a little longer. If you die 5 times in a row, the game will stop decreasing your score after subsequent deaths.

Oh, I almost forgot. There’s a brand-new OST track that plays in LVL4. You should go play that level again. And don’t forget to turn on the Replay Cutscenes setting if you still haven’t seen the new cutscenes added to levels 2 and 4.

Just 1 more level (and 2 more challenges) to go. Next up, I intend to finally get that trailer made, finish the Soulfire update, fix some more things, and generally get the game more ready for the final release.

Until then, suffer enjoy the new level (OF PAIN)!


== Major ==
[AUDIO] Added new OST to LVL4
[GAMEPLAY] On Easy or Normal difficulty, after dying 3 times a supply crate will drop with a health boost
[LEVEL] Added LVL8
[MENU] Health/ammo upgrades get more expensive with each successive purchase

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] The game will automatically retry on death instead of pausing first
[GAMEPLAY] Deaths stop reducing your score after 5 deaths (67% penalty), instead of 10 (89% penalty)
[GAMEPLAY] Mortuus will no longer turn around while throwing fletchettes
[GAMEPLAY] The Mook Factory’s beam attack takes slightly longer to charge
[GRAPHICS] The Endless results screen is a little more entertaining
[GRAPHICS] Graphically updated the Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower
[GRAPHICS] Added some missing shooting jump animations
[GRAPHICS] The objective pass marker is cyan instead of green (to better show up against LVL1’s green background)
[LEVEL] Added a checkpoint to the middle of LVL1
[LEVEL] Mecha Pilots spawn less often in Endless Ground
[LEVEL] Choppers and Gun Choppers now spawn in Endless Ground

== Bugfix ==
[GRAPHICS] The blood particles that appear when you’re hurt would ignore the player’s direction
[GRAPHICS] Guns would lag behind you as you moved
[MENU] The menu cursor was not responding properly when navigating the level select menu

Little Things That Matter

Minor update this time. Just some polishing things that will make the game easier to understand for new players.

Fun fact: A bunch of people, according to the logs, have signed up and not beaten LVL1. I’m trying very hard to make sure those people do beat the first level and don’t ragequit on me.

Meanwhile, getting started on LVL8! It’s gonna be exciting. And different. Stay tuned!


== Minor ==
[HUD] A sound will play and the ammo counter will flash red if you try to use a gun while out of ammo
[HUD] The ammo and money counters turn green and count up gradually with SFX when you pick up ammo/money items
[HUD] Speaker names in the message box will appear immediately instead of typing out one letter at a time
[GAMEPLAY] Reduced the LVL2 par time from 3:00 to 2:45

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Some mooks above the LVL2 checkpoint would fall down and make the area really crowded

How Does I Carnage?

Hey there veterans, this post isn’t for you!

This is for those people who hop into the game and have no clue what they’re doing, because the game used to be pretty terrible at telling you how to play, unless you head to the Controls page on the website or the Instructions page from the title screen.

Well, no more! Now, until you’ve beaten LVL1, it will be filled with some helpful* hints that tell you everything* you need to know to get by. No more mashing buttons randomly to attack-oh-dang-it-I-got-shot-by-the-very-first-enemy-while-pressing-buttons!

Well, now that that’s out of the way (and a couple of nasty little bugs), I’d better get back on the Soulfire update.

Until next time, HUZZAH!


* P.S. This tutorial is the most Carnage in Space thing you will see all day. You may even want to make a new offline save just to see it once.

== Major ==
[OTHER] Added an unintrusive tutorial to LVL1 (only appears until you’ve beaten the level)

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] The armor accessory will play a sound when reducing your damage

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Mooks would sometimes fall off cliffs
[GAMEPLAY] Nightmare’s hitbox when using the Polar Blades was too big
[WEBSITE] The Highscores page would be blank if difficulty was given by name
[WEBSITE] The Delete Account button wasn’t working
[SYSTEM] The game would automatically log you out of offline saves, losing your progress

Soulfire + OST + Bugfixes

Not much to see here this time, although I did fix one terrible bug that prevented all cutscenes from playing.

Oh, I have half a weapon upgrade to show off, at least! Soulfire has a shiny new combo attack that it’s dying to show off! Better go try it out.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Brand-new OST tracks for LVL1, LVL2, and the boss theme. They sound pretty cool, so you’d better head on back to the beginning of the game to give ’em a listen!

Coming soon: Integrated tutorial, the other half of Soulfire’s update, and eventually LVL8…


== Major ==

[GRAPHICS] Redesigned Soulfire’s standing combo attack
[AUDIO] Added new OST tracks for LVL1, LVL2, and boss fights

== Minor ==

[GAMEPLAY] Made Desakh’s hitbox slightly smaller

== Bugfix ==

[CUTSCENE] Cutscenes would never play
[MENU] It was impossible to create new offline saves
[MENU] The game would get stuck at the results screen after your second level per session

The Battle Goes On

Those of you who beat LVL7 may be wondering what happens next. And so, I’ve been working feverishly to hastily bring you the next update… with infinite enemies to kill in the meantime! Yay!

The website has also had some refactoring in the background. This has made it a bit easier to add the new (separate) Endless Ground score to the highscores. Soon, it will allow me to add Facebook login, which will let you guys log in without having to remember one more password! It will also let you post your highscores and achievements to Facebook to brag to your friends, because I’m told that’s a thing social media users do 😛

Next update, expect that Facebook stuff. After that, some more cleanup. And then, eventually, LVL8 will come.

Until then, HUZZAH!


== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added Endless Ground Battle

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] The framerate will not go lower than 15 FPS (instead of 10 before) – on slower computers the game will go into slow-motion rather than skipping frames at this rate
[GAMEPLAY] Reduced Nightmare’s max fall speed from 1000 pixels/s to 850
[GRAPHICS] Grenades are bigger and more noticeable
[GAMEPLAY] The Rocket Launcher is a little better about not aiming at enemies it can’t hit
[GAMEPLAY] Walking enemies will not move while falling
[GAMEPLAY] Mooks will no longer teleport back to their spawn points if the game thinks they fell off a cliff
[WEBSITE] The highscores can be sorted by any score field or date

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Bullets would spawn at the wrong position when firing a gun up or down
[MENU] Highscores on LevelSelect were misplaced before beating LVL7
[WEBSITE] The bug reporting form was broken

Took the Plunge

Hey look its LVL8 already!

Nah, just kidding. Look what IS new, though! It’s a brand-new Facebook page! Yay. If you’ve got a Facebook account, be sure to give it a like and share it with your friends! After all, friends don’t let friends pass up awesome indie games… or something like that!

From now on, anything I post to the blog will also be posted there. I’ll also try to post there regularly (no promises, mind you) with new screenshots and teasers and stuff.

P.S. You have NO IDEA how difficult it was for me to go make a Facebook account. UGH. One thing I thought I’d never do, I had to do for the sake of promoting my game. Worth it, right? RIGHT?

Until next time, HUZZAH! (See you on the FB page maybe?)