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Have something you want to say that just doesn’t fit anywhere else (and pertains in some way to Carnage in Space 2 or its website)? This is the place! Say anything you like here, as long as it is constructive. No flame wars, please. Keep in mind that all comments are moderated before they show up.

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  1. What would be really cool would be if there was a “create your own weapon” thing for this game. Mine would have fire, and rocket launchers. Or, even better, a rocket that is ON fire, so it burns things AND blows things up!

    1. Being able to create your own weapons would be pretty cool. Unfortunately, it is rather beyond the scope of this game.

  2. Guys… this page is for random discussions *about CiS2*. Please keep comments on-topic, or I’ll start deleting them.

    Thanks (and good work with those highscores)!

  3. Ok…I can’t find the locked melee weapon, and I’ve searched all of the levels, with the exception of level 5. Any suggestions on where to look?

    1. Not all of the hidden items have been added to the game yet. If you can’t find one, you’ll probably just have to wait.

  4. just like you should not try and win in a missile contest with qc aka the boss of level 5 i am not going to spoil the name of the boss for people who have not yet killed the boss for the level so i just nick named the boss slight spoilers so ya and ps don’t try to joust the mole so ya

  5. I LOVE ALL THE KNEW STUFF WHAT YOU JUST DID IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ps i am NOT talking to you skiye

  6. level 5 is literally the best level EVER then again when level 6 comes out i will probably say the same for it but at the moment level 5 is the best

  7. duh they are cool like ya it does not need a really smart person to find that out (but it helps to be smart so you can do better on the levels duh) so ya. I remember when level one was the only one out and you could get the soul fire blade which was boss duh

  8. ok so I was doing level 6 today and I am wondering is the boss supposed go invisible or is it a bug,also when I watched my sister do it on easy the boss was visible and I am on medium.

    1. Interesting. The boss isn’t supposed to be invisible. Can you tell what was happening up to the boss turning invisible? What you and it were doing up to that point?

      Did the cutscene play before this happened, or was it skipped?

  9. ok lets see i was killing all of his little friends and then when I first went into the room there was a cutscene and then after it said \\\\\\ (I will not say the boss’s name for the enjoyment of those not there yet) I looked for him and then saw a up and down bar what would look like he should right before he attacked

  10. well I can’t wait for the other bosses to come out but ///////, Tuhrahkkii and Desakh seem pretty hard to beat in awesomeness level but you will beat them in awesomeness i am sure

  11. My favorite has to be Felidae because of his feline traits, but my second favorite is probably Tuhrahkkii.
    P.S.Level 6 is awesome!

  12. I am looking forward to the trailer and MAN you’re making this game almost as boss as (here it comes) the boss MORTUUS if not more boss

  13. Level 7 is great! Though I’ve been having trouble with the dumbest thing… disarming the warheads. Well, that and not dying. It’s awesome though.

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