Feedback Time!

Since releasing on GameJolt, Ignition has got a lot more players! Rejoice! And with that new batch of players, I’ve got a new handful of player feedback! And that’s what this update is about. Well, that and the login menus.

Login Redesign

Less is more.

The Login, New Save, and Select Profile menus have all been redesigned to be cleaner, visually more in line with the rest of the game’s menus, and more keyboard-friendly. Now you don’t have to use the mouse to get into the game before you start playing with the keyboard!

Player Feedback

I’ve made a few tweaks/bugfixes in response to things that some new players have complained about:

  • You can now hold the jump button to jump higher (or tap for a short jump) while wall-jumping or double-jumping, just like you already could when jumping from the ground.
  • The mouse cursor will appear as soon as you move the mouse, regardless of whether or not there’s a menu you can click on.
  • Dying while fighting the LVL7 boss would not make its spawned mooks go away when you continue.


Boss rush is nearly done! I just need to make some cutscenes and one new attack for a boss before I can get it out the door. I can’t wait!

Until next time,


== Major ==
[MENU] Redesigned the Login menu to be cleaner and less noisy
[MENU] Improved the New Save menu to describe the difficulty levels, be more keyboard-friendly, and look more in-line with the rest of the game
[MENU] Redesigned the Profile select menu to give you a fixed number of save slots and be more keyboard-friendly

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] You can now hold down the jump button to jump higher while wall-jumping or double-jumping (same as jumping from the ground)
[GRAPHICS] Background foilage in LVL1 is darker
[MENU] The mouse cursor will appear when you move the mouse, even if the menu is disabled/hidden
[MENU] More text in the Settings menu is in the game’s custom font
[MENU] The login page remembers your email address (but not your password)

== Bugfix ==
[AUDIO] The cursor move SFX would not play while moving the mouse over LevelSelect
[GAMEPLAY] Escaping and re-entering Desakh’s boss arena would cause you to get stuck skydiving
[GAMEPLAY] Spawned mooks would not go away when restarting after dying to the LVL7 boss
[MENU] Some text in the Settings menu was displaying “null”

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