Gamepads and Early Game Cleanup

Huzzah! Here’s the first update after releasing on Steam! This update is responding to some player feedback. And yes, if you have feedback of your own, don’t hesitate to let me know on the Steam community page! Or, if you’ve got the game on GameJolt or instead, you can leave a comment there or email me at support (at) carnageinspace (dot) com.

Things of note:

1. Better gamepad support! By this point you should be able to navigate the entire game (barring login) using just the gamepad.

2. LVL1 is less likely to get you lost and/or fallen down to earlier in the level.

This is of course not the end of maintenance – I’m still planning to add Steam achievements at the very least.



== Major ==
[MENU] The “Talk” button is now called “Confirm/Select” and can be used to navigate menus

== Minor ==
[CUTSCENE] Tweaked some text in the LVL4 outro
[GAMEPLAY] The Rotoblaster is more precise
[LEVEL] Some sections of LVL1 are less confusing and it’s less easy to fall down to the beginning
[LEVEL] Bombs in LVL4 will appear immediately, rather than as soon as they’re announced
[MENU] There’s a quit button on the title screen
[MENU] Gamepads can be used to skip cutscenes and the loading/title screens
[MENU] Toggling fullscreen and integer fullscreen modes takes effect immediately
[SYSTEM] The game opens in a maximized window

== Bugfix ==
[MENU] Pressing Pause or Confirm on the gamepad in the gamepad settings would set that key to pause/confirm