Carnage in Space: Ignition

This is it.

I know I’ve said it before, but this is it. As of October 31st, Carnage in Space: Ignition is officially released! If you’re reading this post on the 30th, then just sit tight until morning. The game is out on GameJolt, so if you’re a dedicated Carnage in Space fan, why don’t you go buy it now? If you’re a new visitor and don’t know what all the fuss is about, you can still play the free demo right here.

And speaking of which. The copy of the game has now gone into demo mode. Not one, but the first three levels of the game are still available to play for free. If you log in with your account, you can still carry over your save file from the demo version to the full game.

Thank you to everyone who’s been following the game! Heck, thanks to everyone who just visited for the first time! I’ve had a great time developing Ignition and I’m really looking forward to starting on the sequel!

Until next time,

~John AKA MoscowModder

== Major ==
[AUDIO] Added Tuhrahkkkii battle theme
[AUDIO] Added ??? battle theme
[LEVEL] Spiced up the boss room (and anywhere you fail to stop a bomb) in LVL4
[MENU] Added Character Bios
[MENU] Significantly increased the prices of most items in the Armory
[MENU] Removed Kongregate sign-in

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Small change to the music in the Game Intro
[AUDIO] Added new SFX for shots hitting your shield
[CUTSCENE] Added some more exposition in LVL6Intro
[CUTSCENE] Changed some dialogue in several cutscenes
[GAMEPLAY] You can’t move while the screen is black after you die and respawn
[GAMEPLAY] Made ??? boss ever so slightly more challenging
[GAMEPLAY] The final boss no longer tolerates players standing beneath him
[GAMEPLAY] Redesigned space rockets to better home in on their targets
[GAMEPLAY] Enemies in INSANE mode have higher drop rates to compensate for missing health/ammo drops
[GAMEPLAY] Destroying the final boss’s shield generator will break the shield if it’s up
[GRAPHICS] Updated a few item icons that were using too many colors
[GRAPHICS] Added hitflashes to enemy shots
[LEVEL] The level objective in LVL6 is explained at a more relevant time
[LEVEL] Added more subs in LVL3
[MENU] The items in the armory unlock more gradually
[MENU] It is now possible to delete your profile in Settings -> Account
[MENU] Removed the Debug tab from Settings

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Collected Easter Eggs would re-appear
[GAMEPLAY] The Item Magnet didn’t actually increase drop rates
[GRAPHICS] Characters in the post-credits scene jumped a bit at the beginning
[LEVEL] The kill count in LVL3 was 1 too low
[LEVEL] It was possible to fly over the boss room in LVL7 and skip the fight entirely
[LEVEL] Dying in LVL7 in INSANE mode would freeze the level timer
[LEVEL] Your controls were not properly disabled at the start of LVL5
[MENU] Taking a fraction of a hitpoint too much damage will no longer penalize your score
[MENU] It was possible to click on disabled menu items
[MENU] The mouse wouldn’t work on the title screen
[WEBSITE] Deleting your profile didn’t work