Technical Difficulties

Dang. Sometimes I feel like this project is more bug than game. So, the last update or two (and especially my work on LVL9 and Boss Rush) may have made the game more awful, but fear not! I made made strides to make the game less awful too!

Besides bugfixes, there are a couple of noticeable changes. First, ladders control differently. It’s now harder to get on a ladder by accident in mid-air, and it’s easier (automatic, actually) to get off at the top or bottom. Second, the OST for LVL7 is here! Why don’t you go back and replay it to hear the new tunes?

In the meantime, I’m still working on Boss Rush, and I’ve had to go back and re-do a lot of it when my setup wasn’t working properly. But it will all be worth it when it’s finished. Just gotta keep telling myself that.

Until next time, woo bugs!

== Major ==
[AUDIO] Replaced the music for LVL7

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] You need to tap the up/down button to get on a ladder, not hold it
[GAMEPLAY] You’ll automatically get off a ladder when you climb to the top/bottom
[GAMEPLAY] Ladder climbing speed is slightly faster
[GAMEPLAY] Your grenades explode after 3 seconds, not 6
[GAMEPLAY] Desakh’s spearwall attack will only interrupt your dash if you touch his weapon, not his body
[GRAPHICS] Your grenades glow blue instead of red

== Bugfix ==
[CUTSCENE] A “Next” character would briefly appear before interrupting text plays
[CUTSCENE] Fixed a handful of broken cutscenes that wouldn’t finish
[GAMEPLAY] Dying on LVL2 or LVL5 in Insane mode would freeze the game
[GAMEPLAY] The Grenade Launcher did no damage
[GAMEPLAY] Interrupting Tuhrahkkkii’s fire breath attack would permanently disable him
[MENU] The email field in the Settings menu displayed “@” incorrectly