Rough Edges and a Sharp Edge

There’s not a whole lot to see here, except for a REALLY BIG SWORD that’s looking sharper, prettier, and more astonishingly lethal than ever! But aside from that, there’s just a bunch of bugfixes. And Soulfire’s new dash attack. And a new sound effect. And Soulfire’s new jump attack. And some broken cutscene fixes. Also, as a bonus, Soulfire!

That’s it for today, but expect an update to the aged Vitreblade animations before too long. AND THAT’S NOT ALL! I’ve just started working on the game’s FINAL LEVEL. So that’s going to be unleashed upon you, eventually.

Until next time,

== Major ==
[GAMEPLAY] Redesigned Soulfire’s dash and jump attacks

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Added a radio sound effect to LVL5 Intro and LVL8 Intro
[GAMEPLAY] Dash attacks move more quickly
[GAMEPLAY] The turret controls are now explained tutorial popups like LVL1 and 8
[GRAPHICS] Limited the amount of shrapnel on screen to reduce lag in Endless Space Battle

== Bugfix ==
[BUGFIX] Destroying a camera in LVL6 with a scattergun could get a bit noisy
[BUGFIX] Some cutscenes had triggers happening too early
[BUGFIX] Desakh would hurt you out of a dash too early in his spear-wall attack
[BUGFIX] Beating the LVL7 boss while facing left could make the next cutscene unintentionally funny

Prepped for Inspection

Nothing too major to see here. It’s what’s about to happen that’s exciting! I’m about to show the game to some reviewers, so I had to touch up a couple things beforehand.

There’s really only one change in the game you might find interesting:

It's pronounced "em em slash slash productions", in case you were confused.
It’s pronounced “em em slash slash productions”, in case you were confused.

Fun fact: Giving yourself a studio name makes you 150% more legitimate and 10% more awesome. Besides sitting here collecting dust in this blog post, the logo adds a nice little touch to the otherwise-boring loading screen.

Anyway, the reason I added this is to look good for the reviewers, so if everything works out, we may have an influx of players and a boost in attention coming in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed!

== Minor ==
[MENU] Added a new studio logo to the loading screen
[SOCIAL] The “Brag” button no longer pre-fills a message, in accordance with Facebook’s app policy
[SYSTEM] All calls to the server now use https
[WEBSITE] Added a Press Kit page
[WEBSITE] Added a Privacy Policy page