Grab Bag

Merry (early) Christmas!

Have a small pack of updates on me! Nothing major; just two things you really ought to know about.

First, I discovered that the Vitreblade (formerly the Lightsaber) had its damage set to 5. I have no idea how or when that happened, but now it’s set correctly to 3.

Second, I re-wrote Desakh’s intro cutscene. You should go turn on Replay Cutscenes and go fight him again. It’s pretty cool now.

LVL7 isn’t ready yet, but I hope to release it sometime in the next 2 months. What sorts of things should you expect from the next level? I’ll give you a hint: PAIN. LVL7 is going to be home to the #1 most dangerous non-boss enemy in the game, so you’ll have to be on your toes to stay alive! This is getting into the last third of the game, so it’s where all the stops come out – expect to see some of the most awesome content and the deadliest challenges yet!

Until then, ho ho HUZZAH!


[GAMEPLAY] Pitfall spike traps will kill enemies who fall on them
[GAMEPLAY] Desakh once again has a high chance of attacking instantly when shot
[MENU] You can enable extra score displays in the HUD from Settings -> Gameplay -> Show Extra Stats
[GAMEPLAY] Explosions stop dealing damage shortly before the end of their animation
[GAMEPLAY] Removed checkpoints before bosses (since they now save as the battle starts)
[GAMEPLAY] Deflected shots only do half as much damage to enemies as they would to you
[CUTSCENE] Redesigned Desakh’s intro cutscene


[GRAPHICS] The health bar could reach negative values when you die
[GAMEPLAY] The Vitreblade/Lightsaber’s damage was higher than it was supposed to be
[GRAPHICS] Elite Mooks would sometimes turn around in the middle of a dash attack
[GRAPHICS] There were some pale lines in the LVL6 backdrop
[SYSTEM] High scores were not getting saved