The WOW factor


This update, I’ve been focusing with feverish intensity on one important aspect of the game: EVERYTHING!

To be precise, this update is all about polishing up some older and unfinished bits of the game, and injecting the most mundane features (like the platforming and even the humble menus) with some WOW! I want to make a trailer soon, and the game’s gotta be on its best appearance!

#1: Life bars

You mean I made a whole update for some slanted life bars?!?!
You mean I made a whole update for some slanted life bars?!?!

Yes, life bars are slanted now. Whoop-de-do. More importantly, they’re more accurate. As you’ll see in the next picture, it’s now simple to see exactly how many HP you’ve lost.

#2: Gibs

Ouch. Poor Desakh...
Ouch. Poor Desakh…

All enemies (including bosses) now have their own unique gibs that fly off when damaged… and explode into their component parts on death! Yikes… Desakh’s sure had a rough day.

#3: Fonts

It is my life's goal to get you excited over the shape of text in a video game!
It is my life’s goal to get you excited over the appearance of text in a video game!

A lot of the game’s text, mainly the pause, shop, level select, and title screens, have been changed from the Arnprior font to my lovingly-sprited Carnage font. I kinda liked Arnprior, but it has two major downsides: 1) It clashes with the SNES-style graphics of the rest of the game, and 2) A lot of you don’t even have it installed on your computers so all you see is some boring font like Arial. Very uncool.

#4: The Fusion Lance

Gun copter? Meet LANCECOPTER!
Gun copter? Meet LANCECOPTER!

Remember the Fusion Lance? That little thing with the spinning jump attack and not much else? Well, it’s my favorite weapon. And now I think it will be your favorite weapon too. Seriously, a static image does not do this thing justice. You gotta try it out.

I could watch this all day.
I could watch this all day.

Now that’s more like it.

#5: Intro Cutscene

The game now has an intro cutscene that plays when you first create your save file, before you reach the title screen. It should help you better understand what’s going on in the world behind the shooty slashing action. I think it’s pretty cool in its own right, too.

For the next update, I plan to go back and revise and greatly expand some older cutscenes to breathe more life into the story. You may or may not care what’s going on in there, but I do. And you will. Come LVL7, you certainly will.

What’s that? Already have your save created and missed the intro cutscene? No problem – you can also watch it from the titlescreen.


I’d say that’s all for today, but there’s also a very long changelog beneath this farewell. Regardless, farewell! Can’t wait to show you the next thing, because LVL7 is gonna be Earth-shattering. FIGURATIVELY!

See ya next post,



== Major ==
[CUTSCENE] Added a game intro cutscene
[CUTSCENE] If you die to a boss, its cutscene will not play again on retry
[GAMEPLAY] Redesigned the Fusion Lance
[GRAPHICS] Every enemy in the game has unique shrapnel on hit and death

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] Golem rocks will not hurt you after they stop moving
[GRAPHICS] Converted some more sprites and shop detail images to 16-color graphics
[GRAPHICS] Updated the rotors on the basic Copters
[GRAPHICS] Shrapnel will not fly away so lidicrously far
[GRAPHICS] Updated Nightmare’s dash, jump, and fall animations
[HUD] Changed the shape of health bars
[HUD] Moved equipment icons from the HUD to the pause menu
[LEVEL] Reduced the time limit on LVL4
[LEVEL] Reduced the damage par on LVL6
[LEVEL] Expanded Felidae’s boss intro
[LEVEL] Slight graphical improvements in LVL4
[MENU] Changed some text on the pause menu and in the shop to the Carnage font
[MENU] The level begin SFX will not play if Fast Transitions is enabled
[MENU] Changed some shop descriptions
[MENU] The mouse cursor is 2x its previous size
[MENU] Renamed the Lightsaber to Vitreblade

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Killing multiple enemies at the same time would only count as one
[GRAPHICS] It was possible to take damage while dying and cause a graphical glitch
[HUD] The width of health bars was not completely accurate