Yes, I am still working on LVL6. Stop asking me that, imaginary reader!

In the meantime, pressing issue: My website is terrible. Maybe you can’t tell by looking at it, but it’s a mess. I’m gonna fix that.

Bad news: Bad things might happen while I transfer. I will try to keep the game working, but you might lose the ability to load/save your files/scores (they’ll still be safe with me even if you can’t reach ’em!). If you lose access to your account or your save files, don’t panic! They’ll be back.

Good news: I’m getting a better hosting plan and working to de-terrible-izeĀ  the website, making the following things happen:

  • My new plan will let me send emails for stuff like password recovery and feedback on bug reports!
  • I’ll have a local copy of the website to edit so I can test changes before making them go live and break everything! Fancy that!
  • I’m gonna make the code more modular so my changes will have a smaller chance of breaking everything.
  • The Big Database of Everything will get copied over, so your accounts and save files and highscores will be left intact. 93.2% Guaranteed*!

Note: The domain is staying the same, so your bookmarks for are still good!

So, here goes my weekend project. See you on the other side!

* What can I say? The game’s a beta. That said I will do everything I can to make sure you don’t lose everything. Backups upon backups!

What the h&^$, level 5?!

So I’ve noticed that not many people have beaten level 5. And I hadn’t wondered why. After all, it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard.

Now I know. First there’s that one bug where you could get stuck in the air at the point the boss shows itself. Then there’s the bug where the boss just doesn’t show itself and you stay stuck. Then there’s the bug where the entire game freezes if you die to the boss after a certain point. Jeez, doesn’t this game have a quality assurance team?! Oh wait.

Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that all three of those show-stoppers have been fixed. Yay. Now all that’s standing in your way is the freakish difficulty of that level.

In other news, I am making progress on level 6. Slowly. I have all the art assets from my graphics guy (minus the finished backdrop), so I really have no excuse aside from lack of time (I have a full time job now!) and inspiration (creativity is hard).

Level 6 will get here eventually. In the meantime, level 5 is finally not unplayable! Yay again.


== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Replaced boss music with a remastered version of the same
[GRAPHICS] Updated the Lightsaber detail image again
[GRAPHICS] Updated the Rotoblaster sprite
[MENU] If you have no saves when logging in, you’ll go straight to the New Save screen
[LEVEL] Replaced one solid platform in LVL1 with a jump-through platform
[GRAPHICS] Added a new player death animation

== Bugfix ==
[LEVEL] The turret in LVL5 couldn’t be controlled with a gamepad
[LEVEL] It was possible to get stuck if air-dashing when the quadcopter appeared
[LEVEL] The quadcopter might fail to appear in its cutscene, freezing the game
[LEVEL] Nightmare would get stuck in the hurt animation if it while controlling the turret
[LEVEL] The game would freeze if you died in the on-foot segment of the Quadcopter battle