Difficulty Adjustment

Today on Carnage in Space 2: The game is easier! Never fear, challenge lovers! It’s not that much easier. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Enemies don’t have more HP in Hard than in Normal
  • In Easy mode, the entire game slows down to 85% (including the mission timer)
  • You can reduce your difficulty in Settings->Account without creating a new save file… but you can’t increase it – this is a one-way change
  • Bottomless pits will now wait a while longer to kill you – you’ll die once you fall out of the screen, not before

Also, a bit of bad news for offline players – the offline data plugin I use is being phased out in favor of a new one. Once I get it replaced (likely in the next update), all local data will be lost. That includes your save file. Of course, if you’ve got a free account you can just log back in and get your save back without any trouble.

That’s all for today (except some really minor stuff – see the changelog below). Next update should be interesting. Level 6 is still coming along, and I now have all of its new enemies and a new trap designed. In the meantime, I’m planning to redesign the title screen and do a spot of re-branding. I want to change the animation, the logo, the sounds, just about everything except the menu. Heck, I’m even planning to change the title! Goodbye, Carnage in Space 2. Hello, [REMOVED FOR SPOILERS].

This will all make sense when it happens. If it doesn’t, tough.


== Major ==
[SETTINGS] You can reduce your difficulty setting from Settings->Account (this process is irreversible)
[GAMEPLAY] In Easy mode, the game runs at 85% speed
[GAMEPLAY] In Hard mode, enemies no longer have increased HP

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] Horizontal momentum is retained when dashing
[GAMEPLAY] Bottomless pits will not kill you until you fall out of the screen
[LEVEL] Added another checkpoint in LVL5

== Bugfix ==
[GRAPHICS] The shield would appear while wall-sliding and shooting

So Many Bugs

Wow. This game just has SO MANY BUGS. It seems as if the last update introduced a real doozy.

Well, I worked hard to fix a bunch of them. Also, I added built-in gamepad support! So if you have a gamepad, and if your browser supports it, you can use it to play Carnage in Space II.

Level 6 is coming. I’ve just been busy working on my other game, Solaris. Stay tuned!



== Major ==
[GAMEPLAY] Added support for gamepads (not all gamepads are compatible)

== Minor ==
[GRAPHICS] Grenade explosions cause the screen to shake
[GRAPHICS] Mooks have unique shrapnel graphics

== Bugfix ==
[LEVEL] Nightmare’s position during the turret battle was off
[MENU] The registration button would try to log in while opening the registration page
[WEAPONS] Guns would shoot the wrong way when wall sliding all the way to the floor
[CUTSCENES] The LVL5 outro would play when it shouldn’t
[CUTSCENES] Fixed a typo in the LVL3 boss intro
[CUTSCENES] You would be able to move around after text plays
[CUTSCENES] It was possible with the above bug to make the LVL3 boss intro loop indefintely and the boss itself behave abnormally
[ENEMIES] Walking enemies would sometimes be knocked back the wrong way