Combat Improvements

I realized this past week that this game has drained away all of my inspiration and motivation to work on Solaris, and that makes me sad. I hope I can still get that game finished someday. It is quite awesome in its own right, and deserves to be done.

But enough bad news. Time for the good news!

First up: Shortly after the last update, I released CiS2 onto Kongregate and the Chrome Web Store! Users playing on Kongregate can use their Kongregate credentials to log into the game, and still get the same highscores and profile page that they’d get with a standard login. Currently there is no way to associate a normal account with a Kongregate login, or to log into the site with your Kongregate credentials. I’ll get that done eventually, but hey – I’m only one guy!

Second: Shield improvements! Previously, the shield had a bad habit of lagging behind the player when moving, so that you’d get hit by shots while walking into them. To fix this, I stapled the shield to Nightmare’s hand. He doesn’t mind; that armor’s pretty tough. I also gave it a lick of 8-bit paint to bring it in line with current sprite design.

Third: You can now use your melee weapons while wall-sliding or climbing without falling off! As a bonus, the Soulfire Blade and the Fusion Lance have a shiny new animation for this that will serve as a preview of their impending redesigns (along with every other melee weapon that needs an 8-bit-style update).

Fourth: Tons of bug fixes and minor enhancements. Read the changelog below to see what all got changed.

Don’t ask when LVL6 is coming out. Some people need to read that. You know who you are.
I did make one new enemy for it, so that’s something.

Until next time, ENJOY THE CARNAGE!


== Major ==
[MENU] Added the option to log in with Kongregate. This only works while playing on
[OTHER] If you are logged in with Kongregate, your scores will also be submitted to the game’s Kongregate’s scoreboard
[GAMEPLAY] Added wall-sliding melee attacks
[GAMEPLAY] Added climbing melee attacks

== Minor ==
[CUTSCENE] More messages will scroll the textbox instead of being split up
[WEAPONS] The shield has been re-drawn to fit 8-bit limitations
[GAMEPLAY] Double-jump will recharge when wall-sliding
[WEAPONS] The Lightsaber will only deflect up to 5 shots at a time
[ENEMIES] Tuhrahkkkii will give you more time to react before dashing

== Bugfix ==
[CUTSCENE] Level outro cutscenes would not play if “Replay Cutscenes” was disabled
[GRAPHICS] The backdrop in the LVL1 intro cutscene was misaligned after the last update
[WEAPONS] The shield would lag behind the player while moving
[WEAPONS] The shield would not appear while jumping
[MENU] The Lightsaber’s price was 0
[LEVEL] The underwater effects in LVL3 would not return when revisiting the level
[ENEMIES] Crawlers were obsessed with moving left
[AUDIO] The Sniper rifle sound would not play
[LEVEL] It was possible to move in LVL2 while skydiving or during the boss death cutscene