Level 5!


I told some people that LVL5 would be coming out in February (Feb 2015, to be specific). Well, I wasn’t lying! Here it is!

Don’t get too excited quite yet, though. This level is BRUTAL. One false step, and you’re dead, dead, DEAD. Don’t come whining to me because this level is broken or OP or toooo haaaaard. Really, getting to the boss is sort of a relief after the PAIN TRIP that is the rest of the level.

Well. I’d like to take a short break before starting on LVL6 to work on Solaris and my new job (that’s right, I got a new job!), but I can promise you that LVL6 will come out some time in 2015. Possibly before I graduate. Contrary to the (way to optimistic) roadmap, Endless Ground mode is not coming out with this level. It will come out with or after LVL7 instead, because it will need all of the game’s ground enemies to be built first. Duh!

Don’t stop being awesome, players!


== Major ==
[LEVEL] Level 5 is now available

== Minor ==
[GRAPHICS] Tweaked the boss death animation
[AUDIO] Background music restarts when you continue after death
[GAMEPLAY] Long message strings will automatically scroll the textbox instead of being broken up into multiple messages
[MENU] You can change the speed at which message strings play in Settings->Gameplay (the previous default is now “Fast”)
[MENU] Added a background to the Achievements screen
[GRAPHICS] Updated player health bar to be more consistent with the boss one, and look better with low health effects

== Bugfix ==
[CUTSCENE] The textbox in the LVL1 intro was not centered on the screen
[GAMEPLAY] Equipped item icons were missing during gameplay… again

Well, don’t I feel like an idiot!

So for the past who-knows-how-many-months, I haven’t been seeing any new save files from new registered accounts. And I haven’t been paying too much attention to that. But after looking at a complaint on the game’s Newgrounds page, I realized that something was very wrong. It turns out that people have been making new accounts on the website, but they didn’t make new save files in them BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T LOG IN!

So I looked at the registration code, and wouldn’t you know it, the encrypted password was being generated incorrectly. Personally, I blame the PHP scripting language for not warning you when you use variables that don’t exist because you spelled ’em wrong. That way I won’t have to admit that I’m just a moron that doesn’t test his code properly. What’s that? I said it in the post title? Well, never mind then.

Anyway. You can now log in to your shiny new accounts. All of the affected accounts have been deleted, so if you couldn’t log in before, please make a new account and it should work for you. As always, if all else fails you can press “Offline Mode” at the game’s login screen.

I also fixed another dumb bug that turned health/ammo upgrades into monetary black holes. Yay.

On a more positive note, LVL5 is almost done! It’s just missing graphics and cutscenes, basically.


== Minor ==
[MENU] Added backgrounds to Armory, Settings and Instructions
[GRAPHICS] Updated Vibrosword and Lightsaber icons and detail images
[WEAPONS] Rockets will no longer target off-screen enemies
[GAMEPLAY] The number of retries you get is tied to difficulty level (4 on Normal)

== Bugfix ==
[LEVEL] The bomb warning messages in LVL4 would not play
[MENU] Unpurchased items would not be grayed-out
[MENU] Health/Ammo upgrades could not be bought
[WEBSITE] It was impossible to log in to new accounts (all affected accounts have been deleted)



Sometimes, when I look at the “code” for my game, I just want to sit down and cry. This game has so many bugs I lose all hope in life and allow myself to slide into the abyss of despair.

SERIOUSLY, every time I change a thing, I introduce new bugs in seemingly-unrelated areas. Welcome to Computer Science, I know. But this feeling is worse in Construct 2 and its not-actually-coding design than development in a good old object-oriented programming language. </DeveloperRant>

Anyway. I achieved some things with this last update! My greatest achievement is giving you achievements of your own!



Now you can earn some sweet achievements as you play, and show them off on your profile page. You know, the one your highscores entry links to? Yeah, that now contains the long-promised achievements list. Note that you can’t earn ’em all quite yet. I need to add a few more levels (read: all of them) first.

Also of great importance: YOU CAN LOG IN AGAIN! If you had trouble logging in before (the game half-froze when you tried), it should work now. If it doesn’t work, it will let you know that it’s not working and not leave you hanging.

Meanwhile, LVL5 is getting closer! Stay tuned!

== Major ==
[MENU] The game will now go straight to login if you are not already logged in
[MENU] You will be logged out by default when quitting (can be changed in Settings->Gameplay->Remember password)
[MENU] Removed the ability to upload existing offline saves
[MENU] Level Select is disabled until you complete LVL1 (it takes you straight there)
[MENU] Added Achievements (most achievements are currently unobtainable)
[AUDIO] Added new music track that plays in Login, Settings, and Instructions

== Minor ==
[MENU] Redesigned Instructions screen with tabbed style like Armory and Settings
[MENU] Added a new animation when you begin a level

== Bugfix ==
[AUDIO] The music was not filtered after you die
[LEVEL] Moledozer may not have begun its fight, or may not have ended the level upon death


Why Hello, Newgrounds!

Guess what?

Carnage in Space 2 is now on Newgrounds! If there are any Newgrounds members here, please give the game a look and perhaps a favorable review? Pretty please? If you’re not a member, maybe you could… you know… make an account to praise this game of mine. No pressure or anything.

I will try to keep the Newgrounds version up to date, but if you really want to stay on the bleeding edge of CiS2 updates you can of course still play it here. Of course, if you’ve got an account here you can sync your save file between here and Newgrounds.

But hey, why am I still wasting your time here? Go visit the new CiS2 Newgrounds page!