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Hey there, loyal fans!

Sorry to disappoint you, but… well, this is gonna disappoint you. I did mention I was sorry.

I’m gonna miss another deadline with Level 4. This is due to a triple-dose of back-to-school, graphics-artist-also-back-to-school, and simple game complications.

This is me right now
This is me right now.

In order to make wall-jumping less frustrating for players with slower computers, I decided to re-do it from scratch (instead of using a built-in behavior). That caused a bug with double-jumping so I had to re-do that too. There’s still a behavior with that I’d like to fix (it was like this in the old version too – you can’t double-jump again after wall-sliding), but I think I can fix it eventually.

However, there’s still a bunch of stuff to do before I can release this batch. Get the remaining graphics for Level 4 (backgrounds), get the remaining graphics for the cutscenes (one more character), and then of course make those cutscenes. Modifying the game to add in post-level cutscenes was only a minor pain, thankfully.

On a more positive note, the boss of LVL4 is done, and boy, is he tough! And I don’t just mean high HP/damage. He’s got 4.5 different moves to use on you, and he combines the ‘smarts’ (read: reacting to your location/actions) of Desakh with the randomness of Felidae to make your life miserable. The mighty few who manage to put him down will have something to feel really proud of.

Another thing I’ve successfully added is the game’s 6th melee weapon! If you don’t already know what it is, I’m not gonna tell you. But it is wicked cool. And sharp. And oh so very fun to fool around with. And just awesome to look at. I can’t wait to show it off.

Oh, and speaking of difficulty, I’m thinking of adding an INSANE mode for the really hardcore players. Same difficulty as Hard (maybe a little tougher), plus your HUD is invisible. That means no life bar, no ammo count, and no boss life bar either. Bwahahaha!

Thanks for being patient. I hope to finally, finally get this level out the door in the first half of October. I’m as tired of waiting as you are!

Until next time, players!