Polishing Things Up, Part 2

Not much to see here. The website forces you to provide a display name (shown instead of your email on profiles and bug reports) when you register, which you can also add in your account page. I made a new dash animation for the Vibrosword, added a couple new items that are still locked, and made the level select screen keyboard-friendly. Eventually you should be able to play the whole game without touching a mouse.

I still plan to release level 4, with all of the related improvements and new things, this coming month. Stay tuned!



== Major ==
[WEBSITE] The nav bar and ad section on the game page is always visible
[MENU] The level select screen can be navigated by keyboard
[WEAPONS] Added a new accessory (currently locked)
[WEAPONS] Added a new Misc item (currently locked)
[MENU] Registering a new account occurs on the web site, not in-game

== Minor ==
[MENU] Changed back buttons on Instructions/Settings – you can press enter to go back
[WEAPONS] Added missing jump attack to new melee weapon
[WEAPONS] Replaced vibrosword dash attack
[WEBSITE] You now enter a display name when registering an account
[WEBSITE] The add a bug form requires you to be logged in

Polishing Things Up

Hey, remember when I said there may not be a level 4 this month? Well, there isn’t. Sorry. I’ll try to get it done in September as I try to balance game work with schoolwork.

Anyway, there’s still an update as promised! Notable features:

  • Hard mode has been added!
  • If you use a cheat code on a save, you won’t be able to submit highscores on that save. Permanently.
  • Resume and quit buttons on the pause screen, at last!
  • Balanced the effectiveness of all the guns.

Coming next update: Level 4! New weapons! Cutscenes!

Stay tuned, loyal fans! Thanks for your patience!



== Major ==
[MENU] Added Hard mode
[OTHER] Saves that have had debug mode enabled will not submit highscores
[MENU] The pause screen now has resume/retry and quit buttons

== Minor ==
[WEAPONS] Slightly decreased firing rate of rotoblaster
[WEAPONS] Slightly decreased shot count of scattergun
[WEAPONS] Significantly increased damage and decreased firing rate of sniper rifle
[WEAPONS] Increased ammo of rocket launcher
[LEVEL] Added a backdrop to LVL2
[LEVEL] Added more graphical details to LVL3
[WEAPONS] Started adding a new melee weapon (locked until level 4)

== Bugfix ==
[MENU] The “Update ready” message would be cut off
[LEVEL] It was possible to get on top of the roof on the right of the LVL2 boss area
[GAMEPLAY] Player would stop moving forward mid-way through a dash attack
[GAMEPLAY] It was possible to pause during a level-end transition

Down but not out

Well, it’s time for some bad news. August is almost half over, and I have very little progress on Level 4 to show for it. Furthermore, the school year is about to resume, and that will likely hinder progress further. The end result is that LVL4 may not be ready for release by the end of the month.

That’s the bad news. Time for some good news. There will be an update this month. Even if LVL4 isn’t in it, it will have some of the myriad improvements I’m also working on:

  • Prettifying levels 2 and 3 with previously-missing graphics
  • Balancing out the power of the game’s many guns
  • Adding one more melee weapon and one more accessory to fill in the row 3 items (unlocked with level 4)
  • Adding quit/resume/continue buttons to the pause screen
  • Adding the missing opening/closing cutscenes to levels 1-3 (yeah, you thought there was only going to be the one, didn’t you?)
  • Opening a beta server where a select few beta testers can try out unfinished levels (with cloud sync and highscore upload disabled) – leave a comment here if you want to be a private beta tester!

To keep you excited until then, here’s a familiar picture of LVL2 in all its back-dropped glory:

Level 2, complete with a new backdrop
Level 2, complete with a new backdrop