Level 3 is out!

Well, here it is, folks. The third level of PAIN in my wonderfully CHAOTIC game. This level contrasts the previous one by focusing less on combat and more on platforming. Also it’s a water level, but I tried to make it non-horrible for all of you (water levels are a common pitfall in many genres of video games). It’s kind of short, but should have plenty of interesting things in store.

Also, on the website end, I’ve added seniority badges that display next to your name on the highscores. These shiny badges show how long you’ve been playing my game (assuming you have an online account and not an offline save). In addition, I’ve whipped up a currently-barebones profile page that displays your score breakdown and your equipped items. In the future, I plan to add your account display name (in case you have multiple save files), all unlocked items, and most importantly, your achievements (once they’re implemented in-game).

Have fun blowing stuff up! Thanks for your interest in my little endeavor!

Totally not about to be creamed by a submarine.
Totally not about to be creamed by a submarine.

All changes:

== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added Level 3
[WEBSITE] Added user profile pages (visible from account or highscores); more content to be added later
[MENU] Moved some functionality from level select to Title screen
[MENU] Title screen options can be navigated from keyboard (level select will be in the future)

== Minor ==
[MENU] Added current profile name to title screen
[MENU] Title screen animation will not play when returning to it

== Bugfix ==
[MENU] Locked items could still be purchased
[WEBSITE] The Show/Hide Menu button on the game page would not work

Almost Done!*

Good* news! Level 3 is still on track for release by the end of the month. However, the new title screen may be dropped from this release (cue much* sobbing* from fans*).

While it’s not quite finished, level 3 now has the best* graphics* ever seen in the history of video games. BEHOLD!

Level 3, with the best graphics ever*
Level 3, with the best graphics ever*

Okay, those are just prototype graphics that I hastily whipped up to build the level with. My graphics guy is working on the real graphics with which I will give this otherwise functional level its needed facelift before release.

Oh, want to know what this level’s going to include? Well, for starters, there’s PAIN. And SUFFERING. But this time, it’s more platforming PAIN than combat PAIN. Gotta have some variety in this game! But more importantly, this level will present the chance for you to race each other to a perfect 300 score. Because that’s all that really matters.

Well, talk* to you later! Hope you like level 3 when it comes out  in 11* days!



* You really thought there would be a footnote, didn’t you. Joke’s on you!

Boss Time!

In case anyone’s wondering, I am working on level 3. In my customary style (as of level 2, at least), I have finished the boss before I’ve started on the level proper.

So the level itself doesn’t have anything except a little test area, but I must say – the boss is awesome. Expect a very harsh fight that actually changes as you progress. Expect to keep an eye on your environment, because the boss doesn’t always have to hit you directly. And expect to have fun! When you get a chance to test it, if it’s not fun, let me know. But I think you’ll like it. Call it foolish optimism if you like.

Things left to do:

  • Make all the normal enemies
  • Get the level’s tileset from the graphics guy
  • Finish sketching the level
  • Build the level from the sketch
  • Playtest. A lot.
  • Let you guys playtest!

In case you haven’t seen the Master To-Do List, level 3 is scheduled for release by the end of this month. Stay tuned!