Level 2 at last!

Here it is, at long last! The game now has move than one level!

The new chapter, entitled “Into the Fray” has our hero entering a conflict that’s sprung up in some city. Exactly what is going on here will be explained when I add its opening/closing cutscenes later. Also, this level has no backdrop like the last. This will likewise be added later.

This level puts a greater emphasis on combat than the last, so prepare yourself for a whole lot of PAIN and SUFFERING in this one. Also, the boss can be kind of nasty.

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== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added level 2
[WEAPONS] 2nd-row items are locked until level 2 is completed; 3rd-row items are locked until level 4 (unreleased)

== Minor ==
[WEAPONS] Increased the firing rate and shot speed of the Sniper Rifle
[WEAPONS] Slightly increased the damage of the Grenade Launcher, and Flamethrower
[WEAPONS] Greatly increased the damage and reduced the capacity of the Rocket Launcher
[MENU] Added a Challenges screen to the Level Select menu for later use
[GRAPHICS] Changed the level fade-out animation
[GAMEPLAY] Dying and returning to level beginning will not re-play objective text
[MENU] Altered the cash bonus formula for a perfect score
[GRAPHICS] Added visual feedback for fullfilling or failing a level objective

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Dying and returning to level beginning would not subtract remaining lives or increase score penalty

Big Things to Come

Hello, loyal beta-testers, and welcome to yet another incarnation of the Changelog. Blog? Changeblog? No, that’s terrible. DevBlog sounds clever and techy. This one is run on WordPress so it’s plenty fancy.

Level 2

Many of you may be wondering if and when Level 2 is ever coming out. The answer is, soon! Very soon. Sometime this month, actually. I’m just fixing up the leftover bugs, making it less astonishingly cruel, and waiting on the Graphics Guy to finish up the last few pieces of delicious eye candy. And speaking of eye candy, here are some free samples!

Roughed-up buildings, new enemy, and dynamic shadows! Placeholder graphic is a placeholder.
More of the same. I can be original, really!
More of the same. I can be original, really!
Skydiving like a boss!
Skydiving like a boss!

Bugs and Stuff

If you have run into the bug where you can’t log in, I apologize.
If you have run into the bug where your game is not saved sometimes, I apologize.
If you have run into the bug where your save is not properly loaded, I apologize.

This game has bugs. Adding cloud saving can be really convenient for some people, but it also introduced a bunch of bugs. I’m working on ’em. I really am. My new and improved website logger and this neat tool I downloaded should make it easier to test the site and pinpoint the problems. In the future, I might make a way for you to email me your problem and automatically attach your logs with them, but for now bear with me. This is an in-development game, after all.


I don’t like ads. You don’t like ads. No one likes ads (except advertisers and Google). But they are a necessary part of life. They help put a few more pennies in the pocket of this poor developer (who runs on a very small budget). So please, if you are using AdBlock or such software, please add carnageinspace.com to your whitelist! Just ignore those ads and let the pennies flow!

Thank you for understanding. You rock!

Plans for the Future

Okay, enough depressing stuff. This will cheer up anyone who likes a challenge: new game modes!

(None of these have been added yet. Thus the “Plans for the Future”).

  • Endless Mode (Ground and Space variants): Want to compete for the highest score? Wish there was no score cap? This mode will allow you to fight endless waves of increasingly difficult enemies. How many can you beat? Will you show off your hard-earned score with pride, or hang your head in shame (-1 kills? How did you even do that?!)?
  • Grand Tour: Individual levels too easy? How about all 9 at once? You get only 5 lives (same as a single level) to clear the entire story. Survive it all, and you can earn up to another 100 points (one level’s worth) to hang on your highscore! (Note: I might decide to make it 900 points. Maybe).
  • Boss Rush: If you’ve ever played the Super Smash Bros series, you may be familiar with this concept – fight through all 9 of the game’s bosses with one life and a limited number of recovery items in-between! Oh yeah, and I’ll throw in one more super-boss to make it interesting. Beat all 10 for another 100 points (or maybe 200. I don’t know.)!


What would you like to see in this game (besides more than 1 level – I really am working hard on it)? Let me know in the comments here! Found a bug? Head back to the site’s existing Bug page to let me know about it!