Polishing Rough Edges, November Edition

Hey, have you seen the new trailer yet? No? Well, here it is. Not that you needed to see it if you’re already reading, but hey! I put effort into it!

Meanwhile, update time! I made a bunch of minor tweaks, added some new achievements, and made enemy knockback better. This update is really best explained in changelog format.

Plans for next update: Vitreblade redesign! More work on LVL9! But not a release yet. It’s a rather large undertaking, donchaknow!

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Added an SFX when Moledozer charges
[GAMEPLAY] Removed 3 old achievements and added 5 new ones
[GAMEPLAY] Reduced the probability of higher-value item drops
[GAMEPLAY] Slightly reduced the value of money drops
[GAMEPLAY] Manhole mooks no longer do contact damage
[GAMEPLAY] Walking enemies accelerate more slowly
[GAMEPLAY] More enemies can be interrupted by damage
[GAMEPLAY] Slightly increased knockback taken by walking enemies
[LEVEL] Added another easter egg somewhere

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Elite Mooks walked much faster than intended
[GRAPHICS] Shrapnel from space enemies would constantly change graphics

The Battle Goes On

Those of you who beat LVL7 may be wondering what happens next. And so, I’ve been working feverishly to hastily bring you the next update… with infinite enemies to kill in the meantime! Yay!

The website has also had some refactoring in the background. This has made it a bit easier to add the new (separate) Endless Ground score to the highscores. Soon, it will allow me to add Facebook login, which will let you guys log in without having to remember one more password! It will also let you post your highscores and achievements to Facebook to brag to your friends, because I’m told that’s a thing social media users do 😛

Next update, expect that Facebook stuff. After that, some more cleanup. And then, eventually, LVL8 will come.

Until then, HUZZAH!


== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added Endless Ground Battle

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] The framerate will not go lower than 15 FPS (instead of 10 before) – on slower computers the game will go into slow-motion rather than skipping frames at this rate
[GAMEPLAY] Reduced Nightmare’s max fall speed from 1000 pixels/s to 850
[GRAPHICS] Grenades are bigger and more noticeable
[GAMEPLAY] The Rocket Launcher is a little better about not aiming at enemies it can’t hit
[GAMEPLAY] Walking enemies will not move while falling
[GAMEPLAY] Mooks will no longer teleport back to their spawn points if the game thinks they fell off a cliff
[WEBSITE] The highscores can be sorted by any score field or date

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Bullets would spawn at the wrong position when firing a gun up or down
[MENU] Highscores on LevelSelect were misplaced before beating LVL7
[WEBSITE] The bug reporting form was broken

Fixed: Profile creation

I just fixed a bug, which may have been several months old, which prevented online (registered) users from creating save files. Sorry for not catching that earlier. If you’ve been trying to log in and create a new save file, but not seeing the new save in your profile list, that should be all better now.

FYI: If you run into any bugs in the game, you should go report them. Hilariously, the bug reporter itself is broken, so you’ll have to notify me of bugs here on the blog or else email them to me. My email address is moscowmodder (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for your patience, players!

Aaaaaand… we’re back!


It feels so good to type that again.

After over a month, I finally fixed the blog! Turns out all I had to do was get rid of the plugins folder. Heh. But that’s not all, folks! No, IT IS NOT.

Who gave that chopper a minigun?!
Who gave that chopper a minigun?!

That’s right, LEVEL 6 IS HERE! This latest level is filled to the brim with ferocious enemies, perilous traps, and one of the best bosses I’ve made yet.

In the meantime, the story’s really heating up! …But you’ll likely still have no idea what’s going on. In the next update, I plan to add a couple more cutscenes into the game – additions to existing levels’ cutscenes, plus an extra game introduction that will play before you reach the title screen for the first time. I promise, by the time the game is done you’ll have some idea what you’re doing, unless you just hammer on the pause button to skip ’em all.

Further news: For those who are wondering, there will still be 4 bonus challenges in addition to the 9 main levels. The first of these challenges will be released after LVL7, so stay patient and you’ll get your UNLIMITED CARNAGE all in good time!

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! I’ve shelled out some serious dough to buy a better license for Construct 2, which will allow me to release the game to more platforms. Keep an eye out in the near future for a downloadable version you can install on Windows, and eventually Mac (maybe Linux) too. And for any Windows 10 users out there, I’m going to release a version to the Windows Store as well! Stay tuned!

Well, don’t I feel like an idiot!

So for the past who-knows-how-many-months, I haven’t been seeing any new save files from new registered accounts. And I haven’t been paying too much attention to that. But after looking at a complaint on the game’s Newgrounds page, I realized that something was very wrong. It turns out that people have been making new accounts on the website, but they didn’t make new save files in them BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T LOG IN!

So I looked at the registration code, and wouldn’t you know it, the encrypted password was being generated incorrectly. Personally, I blame the PHP scripting language for not warning you when you use variables that don’t exist because you spelled ’em wrong. That way I won’t have to admit that I’m just a moron that doesn’t test his code properly. What’s that? I said it in the post title? Well, never mind then.

Anyway. You can now log in to your shiny new accounts. All of the affected accounts have been deleted, so if you couldn’t log in before, please make a new account and it should work for you. As always, if all else fails you can press “Offline Mode” at the game’s login screen.

I also fixed another dumb bug that turned health/ammo upgrades into monetary black holes. Yay.

On a more positive note, LVL5 is almost done! It’s just missing graphics and cutscenes, basically.


== Minor ==
[MENU] Added backgrounds to Armory, Settings and Instructions
[GRAPHICS] Updated Vibrosword and Lightsaber icons and detail images
[WEAPONS] Rockets will no longer target off-screen enemies
[GAMEPLAY] The number of retries you get is tied to difficulty level (4 on Normal)

== Bugfix ==
[LEVEL] The bomb warning messages in LVL4 would not play
[MENU] Unpurchased items would not be grayed-out
[MENU] Health/Ammo upgrades could not be bought
[WEBSITE] It was impossible to log in to new accounts (all affected accounts have been deleted)