Prepped for Inspection

Nothing too major to see here. It’s what’s about to happen that’s exciting! I’m about to show the game to some reviewers, so I had to touch up a couple things beforehand.

There’s really only one change in the game you might find interesting:

It's pronounced "em em slash slash productions", in case you were confused.
It’s pronounced “em em slash slash productions”, in case you were confused.

Fun fact: Giving yourself a studio name makes you 150% more legitimate and 10% more awesome. Besides sitting here collecting dust in this blog post, the logo adds a nice little touch to the otherwise-boring loading screen.

Anyway, the reason I added this is to look good for the reviewers, so if everything works out, we may have an influx of players and a boost in attention coming in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed!

== Minor ==
[MENU] Added a new studio logo to the loading screen
[SOCIAL] The “Brag” button no longer pre-fills a message, in accordance with Facebook’s app policy
[SYSTEM] All calls to the server now use https
[WEBSITE] Added a Press Kit page
[WEBSITE] Added a Privacy Policy page

Well, don’t I feel like an idiot!

So for the past who-knows-how-many-months, I haven’t been seeing any new save files from new registered accounts. And I haven’t been paying too much attention to that. But after looking at a complaint on the game’s Newgrounds page, I realized that something was very wrong. It turns out that people have been making new accounts on the website, but they didn’t make new save files in them BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T LOG IN!

So I looked at the registration code, and wouldn’t you know it, the encrypted password was being generated incorrectly. Personally, I blame the PHP scripting language for not warning you when you use variables that don’t exist because you spelled ’em wrong. That way I won’t have to admit that I’m just a moron that doesn’t test his code properly. What’s that? I said it in the post title? Well, never mind then.

Anyway. You can now log in to your shiny new accounts. All of the affected accounts have been deleted, so if you couldn’t log in before, please make a new account and it should work for you. As always, if all else fails you can press “Offline Mode” at the game’s login screen.

I also fixed another dumb bug that turned health/ammo upgrades into monetary black holes. Yay.

On a more positive note, LVL5 is almost done! It’s just missing graphics and cutscenes, basically.


== Minor ==
[MENU] Added backgrounds to Armory, Settings and Instructions
[GRAPHICS] Updated Vibrosword and Lightsaber icons and detail images
[WEAPONS] Rockets will no longer target off-screen enemies
[GAMEPLAY] The number of retries you get is tied to difficulty level (4 on Normal)

== Bugfix ==
[LEVEL] The bomb warning messages in LVL4 would not play
[MENU] Unpurchased items would not be grayed-out
[MENU] Health/Ammo upgrades could not be bought
[WEBSITE] It was impossible to log in to new accounts (all affected accounts have been deleted)


Error 500: Internal Developer Error

Hey there, loyal fans!

Sorry to disappoint you, but… well, this is gonna disappoint you. I did mention I was sorry.

I’m gonna miss another deadline with Level 4. This is due to a triple-dose of back-to-school, graphics-artist-also-back-to-school, and simple game complications.

This is me right now
This is me right now.

In order to make wall-jumping less frustrating for players with slower computers, I decided to re-do it from scratch (instead of using a built-in behavior). That caused a bug with double-jumping so I had to re-do that too. There’s still a behavior with that I’d like to fix (it was like this in the old version too – you can’t double-jump again after wall-sliding), but I think I can fix it eventually.

However, there’s still a bunch of stuff to do before I can release this batch. Get the remaining graphics for Level 4 (backgrounds), get the remaining graphics for the cutscenes (one more character), and then of course make those cutscenes. Modifying the game to add in post-level cutscenes was only a minor pain, thankfully.

On a more positive note, the boss of LVL4 is done, and boy, is he tough! And I don’t just mean high HP/damage. He’s got 4.5 different moves to use on you, and he combines the ‘smarts’ (read: reacting to your location/actions) of Desakh with the randomness of Felidae to make your life miserable. The mighty few who manage to put him down will have something to feel really proud of.

Another thing I’ve successfully added is the game’s 6th melee weapon! If you don’t already know what it is, I’m not gonna tell you. But it is wicked cool. And sharp. And oh so very fun to fool around with. And just awesome to look at. I can’t wait to show it off.

Oh, and speaking of difficulty, I’m thinking of adding an INSANE mode for the really hardcore players. Same difficulty as Hard (maybe a little tougher), plus your HUD is invisible. That means no life bar, no ammo count, and no boss life bar either. Bwahahaha!

Thanks for being patient. I hope to finally, finally get this level out the door in the first half of October. I’m as tired of waiting as you are!

Until next time, players!

Down but not out

Well, it’s time for some bad news. August is almost half over, and I have very little progress on Level 4 to show for it. Furthermore, the school year is about to resume, and that will likely hinder progress further. The end result is that LVL4 may not be ready for release by the end of the month.

That’s the bad news. Time for some good news. There will be an update this month. Even if LVL4 isn’t in it, it will have some of the myriad improvements I’m also working on:

  • Prettifying levels 2 and 3 with previously-missing graphics
  • Balancing out the power of the game’s many guns
  • Adding one more melee weapon and one more accessory to fill in the row 3 items (unlocked with level 4)
  • Adding quit/resume/continue buttons to the pause screen
  • Adding the missing opening/closing cutscenes to levels 1-3 (yeah, you thought there was only going to be the one, didn’t you?)
  • Opening a beta server where a select few beta testers can try out unfinished levels (with cloud sync and highscore upload disabled) – leave a comment here if you want to be a private beta tester!

To keep you excited until then, here’s a familiar picture of LVL2 in all its back-dropped glory:

Level 2, complete with a new backdrop
Level 2, complete with a new backdrop