How Does I Carnage?

Hey there veterans, this post isn’t for you!

This is for those people who hop into the game and have no clue what they’re doing, because the game used to be pretty terrible at telling you how to play, unless you head to the Controls page on the website or the Instructions page from the title screen.

Well, no more! Now, until you’ve beaten LVL1, it will be filled with some helpful* hints that tell you everything* you need to know to get by. No more mashing buttons randomly to attack-oh-dang-it-I-got-shot-by-the-very-first-enemy-while-pressing-buttons!

Well, now that that’s out of the way (and a couple of nasty little bugs), I’d better get back on the Soulfire update.

Until next time, HUZZAH!


* P.S. This tutorial is the most Carnage in Space thing you will see all day. You may even want to make a new offline save just to see it once.

== Major ==
[OTHER] Added an unintrusive tutorial to LVL1 (only appears until you’ve beaten the level)

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] The armor accessory will play a sound when reducing your damage

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Mooks would sometimes fall off cliffs
[GAMEPLAY] Nightmare’s hitbox when using the Polar Blades was too big
[WEBSITE] The Highscores page would be blank if difficulty was given by name
[WEBSITE] The Delete Account button wasn’t working
[SYSTEM] The game would automatically log you out of offline saves, losing your progress

The Battle Goes On

Those of you who beat LVL7 may be wondering what happens next. And so, I’ve been working feverishly to hastily bring you the next update… with infinite enemies to kill in the meantime! Yay!

The website has also had some refactoring in the background. This has made it a bit easier to add the new (separate) Endless Ground score to the highscores. Soon, it will allow me to add Facebook login, which will let you guys log in without having to remember one more password! It will also let you post your highscores and achievements to Facebook to brag to your friends, because I’m told that’s a thing social media users do 😛

Next update, expect that Facebook stuff. After that, some more cleanup. And then, eventually, LVL8 will come.

Until then, HUZZAH!


== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added Endless Ground Battle

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] The framerate will not go lower than 15 FPS (instead of 10 before) – on slower computers the game will go into slow-motion rather than skipping frames at this rate
[GAMEPLAY] Reduced Nightmare’s max fall speed from 1000 pixels/s to 850
[GRAPHICS] Grenades are bigger and more noticeable
[GAMEPLAY] The Rocket Launcher is a little better about not aiming at enemies it can’t hit
[GAMEPLAY] Walking enemies will not move while falling
[GAMEPLAY] Mooks will no longer teleport back to their spawn points if the game thinks they fell off a cliff
[WEBSITE] The highscores can be sorted by any score field or date

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Bullets would spawn at the wrong position when firing a gun up or down
[MENU] Highscores on LevelSelect were misplaced before beating LVL7
[WEBSITE] The bug reporting form was broken

The Big One

It’s been over two months since the last update. Thanks for being patient, players! Your reward? Oh, nothing, just the biggest update EVER. Like really, I’m pretty sure no update to this game has been as HUGE as this one. Hold on to your hats, folks! You’re about to get blown away.


Not all weapons are created equal. Or maybe some weapons are more equal than others. Regardless, some weapons tend to collect dust while you play with more powerful/awesome/practical ones. But now, I’ve put some much-needed TLC into everyone’s least-favorite weapon to create this beauty!

Bet you don't even recognize this baby!
Bet you don’t even recognize this baby!

At long last, the Beam Flail has taken its place alongside its pointier brethren as a true force to be reckoned with. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed.


The Plot Thickens

No screenshot of this. Spoilers, ya know? This update adds two new flashback cutscenes after levels 2 and 4 which tell you just a little bit more about where Nightmare came from and what he’s like. And it’s about time, too. We’re almost to the game’s climax! Seriously, you should go enable Replay Cutscenes in Settings and go watch those.


Surprise! Ignition is getting its very own original soundtrack! To start it off, all of the game’s menus and once-silent cutscenes have been filled with some pretty fantastic tunes exclusive to this game. I’ve even got a glorious new theme that goes perfectly with the title screen. Be sure to give it a listen before mashing that Enter key!

Little Goodies and Those Darn Bugs

There’s a truckload of minor changes in here that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. First, the good news: Enemy drops are working again! They’ve been broken for so long you probably forgot enemies are supposed to give you items on death. Furthermore, I think I finally fixed the absentee Quadcopter glitch in LVL5… again.

Now, the other good news: Enemies (and you) flash white when hit, to make it more obvious damage is happening. The Vitreblade, Beam Flail, and Weapon Charger all have new SFX. All of the accessories have had their icons and detail images updated (especially the ones whose detail images were flat-out missing).


The Final Assault

You know what this is? Oh, just the title of the brand-new Level 7! I’ve pulled out all the stops to make this the biggest, deadliest, most awesome environment so far. You can expect traps and baddies galore, joined by the most dangerous non-boss enemy in the entire game. Yeah, that’s him down there.

Question: Am I about to die in this picture?
Question: Am I about to die in this picture?

With this new level, we’ve finally reached the bottom row. This is it. Nearly at the endgame. I wasn’t kidding when I said you should go replay levels 2 and 4 for the new cutscenes, mind you – the story is beginning to wrap up! And the world will never be the same.

What’s Next?

Hang on, the game’s not over yet! This may be the biggest update ever, but it’s certainly not the last! Before I add LVL8, my plan for the next update is to add another of those things you’ve all been waiting for: the first Challenge mode! Get ready to take on wave upon wave of unrelenting enemies, because the Endless Ground challenge is on its way. And, if I ever finalize its feature set, the dreaded INSANE mode. Be very afraid.


== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added LVL7
[CUTSCENE] Added 2 additional cutscenes after the end of LVL2 and LVL4
[AUDIO] Added original music pieces to all the game’s menus and cutscenes
[GRAPHICS] Redesigned the Beam Flail
[GRAPHICS] Updated the icons and detail images for all accessories
[AUDIO] Replaced the SFX for the Beam Flail, Vitreblade, and Weapon Charger

== Minor ==
[UI] The health bar no longer blurs when you’re low on health (caused a graphical glitch)
[UI] The health bar shatters when you die
[AUDIO] The text sound is quieter
[GAMEPLAY] Double-jumps are slightly weaker
[MENU] The easter egg on the title screen appears sooner and more often
[GRAPHICS] Player and enemies flash white when hurt
[GAMEPLAY] The Lance dash attack does more damage and pushes you back more
[MENU] Levels after 7 are hidden until LVL7 is completed
[AUDIO] The text SFX doesn’t play when adding spaces
[WEAPONS] Sniper Rifle shots pierce through multiple enemies

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Fixed the Quadcopter not appearing in LVL5… for real this time?
[GAMEPLAY] It was possible to get stuck falling onto the ground at the start of LVL5
[GAMEPLAY] It was possible to deflect turret rockets in LVL5
[GAMEPLAY] Enemy drops were not working


Sometimes, when I look at the “code” for my game, I just want to sit down and cry. This game has so many bugs I lose all hope in life and allow myself to slide into the abyss of despair.

SERIOUSLY, every time I change a thing, I introduce new bugs in seemingly-unrelated areas. Welcome to Computer Science, I know. But this feeling is worse in Construct 2 and its not-actually-coding design than development in a good old object-oriented programming language. </DeveloperRant>

Anyway. I achieved some things with this last update! My greatest achievement is giving you achievements of your own!



Now you can earn some sweet achievements as you play, and show them off on your profile page. You know, the one your highscores entry links to? Yeah, that now contains the long-promised achievements list. Note that you can’t earn ’em all quite yet. I need to add a few more levels (read: all of them) first.

Also of great importance: YOU CAN LOG IN AGAIN! If you had trouble logging in before (the game half-froze when you tried), it should work now. If it doesn’t work, it will let you know that it’s not working and not leave you hanging.

Meanwhile, LVL5 is getting closer! Stay tuned!

== Major ==
[MENU] The game will now go straight to login if you are not already logged in
[MENU] You will be logged out by default when quitting (can be changed in Settings->Gameplay->Remember password)
[MENU] Removed the ability to upload existing offline saves
[MENU] Level Select is disabled until you complete LVL1 (it takes you straight there)
[MENU] Added Achievements (most achievements are currently unobtainable)
[AUDIO] Added new music track that plays in Login, Settings, and Instructions

== Minor ==
[MENU] Redesigned Instructions screen with tabbed style like Armory and Settings
[MENU] Added a new animation when you begin a level

== Bugfix ==
[AUDIO] The music was not filtered after you die
[LEVEL] Moledozer may not have begun its fight, or may not have ended the level upon death


At Long Last!

Something tells me this won’t be the last time I use this title.

But I don’t care! Level 4 is out! WOO!

First and most important, there’s a new level! And now you can get your score up to 400! But that’s assuming you can make your way past the latest boss! He’s fast, tough, and brutal. You’re probably not gonna beat him on your first try. But if you do, then wow. Good for you.

Also, wondering whatever happened to the game’s story after that one cutscene after the beginning? Well, now there are 7 more cutscenes – one at the beginning and end of every level. Now you can be slightly less confused about what the heck is even going on here! Don’t worry. The game will keep making slightly more sense as the story continues.

Oh, and one more thing… WEAPONS! The third row weapons have been unlocked! Once you beat this level, you’ll have 6 new items to try out and beat enemies with! Have fun.

I’ll try to get LVL5 out by the end of November, but I can’t make any promises.

Until next time, players! Thanks for playing my game!

The welcoming committee
The welcoming committee



[LEVEL] Added Level 4
[GAMEPLAY] Re-worked wall sliding and double-jumping from scratch
[CUTSCENE] Added all missing cutscenes (will need to enable “Replay cutscenes” to view missed ones)


[WEAPONS] The shield now has a larger hitbox
[MENU] Changed menu selector to be more visible on Level Select screen


[LEVEL] Level 3 would end prematurely when playing it more than once in a session

Level 3 is out!

Well, here it is, folks. The third level of PAIN in my wonderfully CHAOTIC game. This level contrasts the previous one by focusing less on combat and more on platforming. Also it’s a water level, but I tried to make it non-horrible for all of you (water levels are a common pitfall in many genres of video games). It’s kind of short, but should have plenty of interesting things in store.

Also, on the website end, I’ve added seniority badges that display next to your name on the highscores. These shiny badges show how long you’ve been playing my game (assuming you have an online account and not an offline save). In addition, I’ve whipped up a currently-barebones profile page that displays your score breakdown and your equipped items. In the future, I plan to add your account display name (in case you have multiple save files), all unlocked items, and most importantly, your achievements (once they’re implemented in-game).

Have fun blowing stuff up! Thanks for your interest in my little endeavor!

Totally not about to be creamed by a submarine.
Totally not about to be creamed by a submarine.

All changes:

== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added Level 3
[WEBSITE] Added user profile pages (visible from account or highscores); more content to be added later
[MENU] Moved some functionality from level select to Title screen
[MENU] Title screen options can be navigated from keyboard (level select will be in the future)

== Minor ==
[MENU] Added current profile name to title screen
[MENU] Title screen animation will not play when returning to it

== Bugfix ==
[MENU] Locked items could still be purchased
[WEBSITE] The Show/Hide Menu button on the game page would not work

Level 2 at last!

Here it is, at long last! The game now has move than one level!

The new chapter, entitled “Into the Fray” has our hero entering a conflict that’s sprung up in some city. Exactly what is going on here will be explained when I add its opening/closing cutscenes later. Also, this level has no backdrop like the last. This will likewise be added later.

This level puts a greater emphasis on combat than the last, so prepare yourself for a whole lot of PAIN and SUFFERING in this one. Also, the boss can be kind of nasty.

Found a bug? Post it on the site bugs page! Have a comment/compliment/complaint? Leave it in the comments here!


== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added level 2
[WEAPONS] 2nd-row items are locked until level 2 is completed; 3rd-row items are locked until level 4 (unreleased)

== Minor ==
[WEAPONS] Increased the firing rate and shot speed of the Sniper Rifle
[WEAPONS] Slightly increased the damage of the Grenade Launcher, and Flamethrower
[WEAPONS] Greatly increased the damage and reduced the capacity of the Rocket Launcher
[MENU] Added a Challenges screen to the Level Select menu for later use
[GRAPHICS] Changed the level fade-out animation
[GAMEPLAY] Dying and returning to level beginning will not re-play objective text
[MENU] Altered the cash bonus formula for a perfect score
[GRAPHICS] Added visual feedback for fullfilling or failing a level objective

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Dying and returning to level beginning would not subtract remaining lives or increase score penalty