Not a Lightsaber

No really, it isn’t.

Not pictured: a lightsaber

As you can probably tell, today’s update features some big changes to the mighty Vitreblade!

  1. The combo attack is redesigned and looks awesome (other attacks to come later)
  2. It’s a bit harder to block shots with, but more effective when you pull it off
  3. The combo attack does more damage

Also in today’s update: INSANE bugfixes! There were points in LVL2 and 6 (the entire level, in the case of the latter) where dying and retrying would freeze the game or render the level unbeatable. Well, no more!

In other news, I intend to release LVL9 late next month and I expect you to hold me to that.

== Major ==
[GRAPHICS] Redesigned the Vitreblade combo attack
[GAMEPLAY] The Vitreblade can deflect up to 5 shots in a row (up from 3)
[GAMEPLAY] The Vitreblade’s third combo attack does 6 damage (up from 4)
[GAMEPLAY] Shots deflected by the Vitreblade no longer have their damage halved
[GAMEPLAY] Deflected shots will be scattered randomly (depending on which attack you used)

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] The fragments from the LVL8 boss’ mines move more quickly
[GAMEPLAY] Explosions won’t linger on-screen after finishing their animation
[GAMEPLAY] Soulfire’s second combo attack does more damage (8 -> 9)
[GAMEPLAY] Slightly shrunk Nightmare’s hitbox in some common animations
[GRAPHICS] Reduced the screen height by 2 pixels to remove some thin white bars at the bottom of some cutscenes
[GRAPHICS] The rocket launcher makes non-damaging explosions with each hit
[UI] Equipped items are centered on the pause screen

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Desakh’s boss fight wouldn’t properly restart after a retry
[GAMEPLAY] In INSANE mode, LVL6 would freeze after a retry

Technical Difficulties

Dang. Sometimes I feel like this project is more bug than game. So, the last update or two (and especially my work on LVL9 and Boss Rush) may have made the game more awful, but fear not! I made made strides to make the game less awful too!

Besides bugfixes, there are a couple of noticeable changes. First, ladders control differently. It’s now harder to get on a ladder by accident in mid-air, and it’s easier (automatic, actually) to get off at the top or bottom. Second, the OST for LVL7 is here! Why don’t you go back and replay it to hear the new tunes?

In the meantime, I’m still working on Boss Rush, and I’ve had to go back and re-do a lot of it when my setup wasn’t working properly. But it will all be worth it when it’s finished. Just gotta keep telling myself that.

Until next time, woo bugs!

== Major ==
[AUDIO] Replaced the music for LVL7

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] You need to tap the up/down button to get on a ladder, not hold it
[GAMEPLAY] You’ll automatically get off a ladder when you climb to the top/bottom
[GAMEPLAY] Ladder climbing speed is slightly faster
[GAMEPLAY] Your grenades explode after 3 seconds, not 6
[GAMEPLAY] Desakh’s spearwall attack will only interrupt your dash if you touch his weapon, not his body
[GRAPHICS] Your grenades glow blue instead of red

== Bugfix ==
[CUTSCENE] A “Next” character would briefly appear before interrupting text plays
[CUTSCENE] Fixed a handful of broken cutscenes that wouldn’t finish
[GAMEPLAY] Dying on LVL2 or LVL5 in Insane mode would freeze the game
[GAMEPLAY] The Grenade Launcher did no damage
[GAMEPLAY] Interrupting Tuhrahkkkii’s fire breath attack would permanently disable him
[MENU] The email field in the Settings menu displayed “@” incorrectly

Nearing the End

Wow, has it really been over a month since the last update? Sorry ’bout that. I have been alternating between being really de-motivated/uninspired, and working feverishly on LVL9.

The good news is, LVL9 is almost finished! The game is almost complete! The bad news is, of course, that it’s not finished now. All that remains now is the final boss and finishing touches on the level, and then the ending cutscenes, and the credits, and thorough testing… you know.

In the meantime, I have a handful of goodies for you players, in the form of graphical fixes, a new sound effect, and some slightly better cutscenes. It’s not much, but I hope that will help tide you over until the next major update. And considering it’s the final level, it’s gonna be really major.

If these updates don’t tide you over, maybe this screenshot will!
Woah, what’s with that crazy weapon and WHERE CAN I GET ONE?!

Until then, Merry Christmas!
(And huzzah.)

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Replaced the Vibrosword’s SFX with one that’s not copyrighted
[CUTSCENE] Added interrupting text to some cutscenes
[CUTSCENE] Re-wrote a few lines of text in a few cutscenes
[GAMEPLAY] Tuhrahkkkii’s fire breath reaches farther
[GRAPHICS] Changed the Heavy Mook’s minigun to match the Gun Copter
[GRAPHICS] Collectibles are visible as you’re collecting them
[GRAPHICS] The backdrop in the LVL8 intro loops better

== Bugfix ==
[CUTSCENE] Fixed a SFX and camera positioning on the Silencer in the LVL8 intro
[GRAPHICS] Beginning or ending a wall slide while shooting would mess up Nightmare’s shooting animations

Polishing Rough Edges, November Edition

Hey, have you seen the new trailer yet? No? Well, here it is. Not that you needed to see it if you’re already reading, but hey! I put effort into it!

Meanwhile, update time! I made a bunch of minor tweaks, added some new achievements, and made enemy knockback better. This update is really best explained in changelog format.

Plans for next update: Vitreblade redesign! More work on LVL9! But not a release yet. It’s a rather large undertaking, donchaknow!

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Added an SFX when Moledozer charges
[GAMEPLAY] Removed 3 old achievements and added 5 new ones
[GAMEPLAY] Reduced the probability of higher-value item drops
[GAMEPLAY] Slightly reduced the value of money drops
[GAMEPLAY] Manhole mooks no longer do contact damage
[GAMEPLAY] Walking enemies accelerate more slowly
[GAMEPLAY] More enemies can be interrupted by damage
[GAMEPLAY] Slightly increased knockback taken by walking enemies
[LEVEL] Added another easter egg somewhere

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Elite Mooks walked much faster than intended
[GRAPHICS] Shrapnel from space enemies would constantly change graphics

Rough Edges and a Sharp Edge

There’s not a whole lot to see here, except for a REALLY BIG SWORD that’s looking sharper, prettier, and more astonishingly lethal than ever! But aside from that, there’s just a bunch of bugfixes. And Soulfire’s new dash attack. And a new sound effect. And Soulfire’s new jump attack. And some broken cutscene fixes. Also, as a bonus, Soulfire!

That’s it for today, but expect an update to the aged Vitreblade animations before too long. AND THAT’S NOT ALL! I’ve just started working on the game’s FINAL LEVEL. So that’s going to be unleashed upon you, eventually.

Until next time,

== Major ==
[GAMEPLAY] Redesigned Soulfire’s dash and jump attacks

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Added a radio sound effect to LVL5 Intro and LVL8 Intro
[GAMEPLAY] Dash attacks move more quickly
[GAMEPLAY] The turret controls are now explained tutorial popups like LVL1 and 8
[GRAPHICS] Limited the amount of shrapnel on screen to reduce lag in Endless Space Battle

== Bugfix ==
[BUGFIX] Destroying a camera in LVL6 with a scattergun could get a bit noisy
[BUGFIX] Some cutscenes had triggers happening too early
[BUGFIX] Desakh would hurt you out of a dash too early in his spear-wall attack
[BUGFIX] Beating the LVL7 boss while facing left could make the next cutscene unintentionally funny

Little Things That Matter

Minor update this time. Just some polishing things that will make the game easier to understand for new players.

Fun fact: A bunch of people, according to the logs, have signed up and not beaten LVL1. I’m trying very hard to make sure those people do beat the first level and don’t ragequit on me.

Meanwhile, getting started on LVL8! It’s gonna be exciting. And different. Stay tuned!


== Minor ==
[HUD] A sound will play and the ammo counter will flash red if you try to use a gun while out of ammo
[HUD] The ammo and money counters turn green and count up gradually with SFX when you pick up ammo/money items
[HUD] Speaker names in the message box will appear immediately instead of typing out one letter at a time
[GAMEPLAY] Reduced the LVL2 par time from 3:00 to 2:45

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Some mooks above the LVL2 checkpoint would fall down and make the area really crowded

Soulfire + OST + Bugfixes

Not much to see here this time, although I did fix one terrible bug that prevented all cutscenes from playing.

Oh, I have half a weapon upgrade to show off, at least! Soulfire has a shiny new combo attack that it’s dying to show off! Better go try it out.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Brand-new OST tracks for LVL1, LVL2, and the boss theme. They sound pretty cool, so you’d better head on back to the beginning of the game to give ’em a listen!

Coming soon: Integrated tutorial, the other half of Soulfire’s update, and eventually LVL8…


== Major ==

[GRAPHICS] Redesigned Soulfire’s standing combo attack
[AUDIO] Added new OST tracks for LVL1, LVL2, and boss fights

== Minor ==

[GAMEPLAY] Made Desakh’s hitbox slightly smaller

== Bugfix ==

[CUTSCENE] Cutscenes would never play
[MENU] It was impossible to create new offline saves
[MENU] The game would get stuck at the results screen after your second level per session

Fixed: Profile creation

I just fixed a bug, which may have been several months old, which prevented online (registered) users from creating save files. Sorry for not catching that earlier. If you’ve been trying to log in and create a new save file, but not seeing the new save in your profile list, that should be all better now.

FYI: If you run into any bugs in the game, you should go report them. Hilariously, the bug reporter itself is broken, so you’ll have to notify me of bugs here on the blog or else email them to me. My email address is moscowmodder (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for your patience, players!

Grab Bag

Merry (early) Christmas!

Have a small pack of updates on me! Nothing major; just two things you really ought to know about.

First, I discovered that the Vitreblade (formerly the Lightsaber) had its damage set to 5. I have no idea how or when that happened, but now it’s set correctly to 3.

Second, I re-wrote Desakh’s intro cutscene. You should go turn on Replay Cutscenes and go fight him again. It’s pretty cool now.

LVL7 isn’t ready yet, but I hope to release it sometime in the next 2 months. What sorts of things should you expect from the next level? I’ll give you a hint: PAIN. LVL7 is going to be home to the #1 most dangerous non-boss enemy in the game, so you’ll have to be on your toes to stay alive! This is getting into the last third of the game, so it’s where all the stops come out – expect to see some of the most awesome content and the deadliest challenges yet!

Until then, ho ho HUZZAH!


[GAMEPLAY] Pitfall spike traps will kill enemies who fall on them
[GAMEPLAY] Desakh once again has a high chance of attacking instantly when shot
[MENU] You can enable extra score displays in the HUD from Settings -> Gameplay -> Show Extra Stats
[GAMEPLAY] Explosions stop dealing damage shortly before the end of their animation
[GAMEPLAY] Removed checkpoints before bosses (since they now save as the battle starts)
[GAMEPLAY] Deflected shots only do half as much damage to enemies as they would to you
[CUTSCENE] Redesigned Desakh’s intro cutscene


[GRAPHICS] The health bar could reach negative values when you die
[GAMEPLAY] The Vitreblade/Lightsaber’s damage was higher than it was supposed to be
[GRAPHICS] Elite Mooks would sometimes turn around in the middle of a dash attack
[GRAPHICS] There were some pale lines in the LVL6 backdrop
[SYSTEM] High scores were not getting saved

What the h&^$, level 5?!

So I’ve noticed that not many people have beaten level 5. And I hadn’t wondered why. After all, it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard.

Now I know. First there’s that one bug where you could get stuck in the air at the point the boss shows itself. Then there’s the bug where the boss just doesn’t show itself and you stay stuck. Then there’s the bug where the entire game freezes if you die to the boss after a certain point. Jeez, doesn’t this game have a quality assurance team?! Oh wait.

Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that all three of those show-stoppers have been fixed. Yay. Now all that’s standing in your way is the freakish difficulty of that level.

In other news, I am making progress on level 6. Slowly. I have all the art assets from my graphics guy (minus the finished backdrop), so I really have no excuse aside from lack of time (I have a full time job now!) and inspiration (creativity is hard).

Level 6 will get here eventually. In the meantime, level 5 is finally not unplayable! Yay again.


== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Replaced boss music with a remastered version of the same
[GRAPHICS] Updated the Lightsaber detail image again
[GRAPHICS] Updated the Rotoblaster sprite
[MENU] If you have no saves when logging in, you’ll go straight to the New Save screen
[LEVEL] Replaced one solid platform in LVL1 with a jump-through platform
[GRAPHICS] Added a new player death animation

== Bugfix ==
[LEVEL] The turret in LVL5 couldn’t be controlled with a gamepad
[LEVEL] It was possible to get stuck if air-dashing when the quadcopter appeared
[LEVEL] The quadcopter might fail to appear in its cutscene, freezing the game
[LEVEL] Nightmare would get stuck in the hurt animation if it while controlling the turret
[LEVEL] The game would freeze if you died in the on-foot segment of the Quadcopter battle