The Big One

It’s been over two months since the last update. Thanks for being patient, players! Your reward? Oh, nothing, just the biggest update EVER. Like really, I’m pretty sure no update to this game has been as HUGE as this one. Hold on to your hats, folks! You’re about to get blown away.


Not all weapons are created equal. Or maybe some weapons are more equal than others. Regardless, some weapons tend to collect dust while you play with more powerful/awesome/practical ones. But now, I’ve put some much-needed TLC into everyone’s least-favorite weapon to create this beauty!

Bet you don't even recognize this baby!
Bet you don’t even recognize this baby!

At long last, the Beam Flail has taken its place alongside its pointier brethren as a true force to be reckoned with. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed.


The Plot Thickens

No screenshot of this. Spoilers, ya know? This update adds two new flashback cutscenes after levels 2 and 4 which tell you just a little bit more about where Nightmare came from and what he’s like. And it’s about time, too. We’re almost to the game’s climax! Seriously, you should go enable Replay Cutscenes in Settings and go watch those.


Surprise! Ignition is getting its very own original soundtrack! To start it off, all of the game’s menus and once-silent cutscenes have been filled with some pretty fantastic tunes exclusive to this game. I’ve even got a glorious new theme that goes perfectly with the title screen. Be sure to give it a listen before mashing that Enter key!

Little Goodies and Those Darn Bugs

There’s a truckload of minor changes in here that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. First, the good news: Enemy drops are working again! They’ve been broken for so long you probably forgot enemies are supposed to give you items on death. Furthermore, I think I finally fixed the absentee Quadcopter glitch in LVL5… again.

Now, the other good news: Enemies (and you) flash white when hit, to make it more obvious damage is happening. The Vitreblade, Beam Flail, and Weapon Charger all have new SFX. All of the accessories have had their icons and detail images updated (especially the ones whose detail images were flat-out missing).


The Final Assault

You know what this is? Oh, just the title of the brand-new Level 7! I’ve pulled out all the stops to make this the biggest, deadliest, most awesome environment so far. You can expect traps and baddies galore, joined by the most dangerous non-boss enemy in the entire game. Yeah, that’s him down there.

Question: Am I about to die in this picture?
Question: Am I about to die in this picture?

With this new level, we’ve finally reached the bottom row. This is it. Nearly at the endgame. I wasn’t kidding when I said you should go replay levels 2 and 4 for the new cutscenes, mind you – the story is beginning to wrap up! And the world will never be the same.

What’s Next?

Hang on, the game’s not over yet! This may be the biggest update ever, but it’s certainly not the last! Before I add LVL8, my plan for the next update is to add another of those things you’ve all been waiting for: the first Challenge mode! Get ready to take on wave upon wave of unrelenting enemies, because the Endless Ground challenge is on its way. And, if I ever finalize its feature set, the dreaded INSANE mode. Be very afraid.


== Major ==
[LEVEL] Added LVL7
[CUTSCENE] Added 2 additional cutscenes after the end of LVL2 and LVL4
[AUDIO] Added original music pieces to all the game’s menus and cutscenes
[GRAPHICS] Redesigned the Beam Flail
[GRAPHICS] Updated the icons and detail images for all accessories
[AUDIO] Replaced the SFX for the Beam Flail, Vitreblade, and Weapon Charger

== Minor ==
[UI] The health bar no longer blurs when you’re low on health (caused a graphical glitch)
[UI] The health bar shatters when you die
[AUDIO] The text sound is quieter
[GAMEPLAY] Double-jumps are slightly weaker
[MENU] The easter egg on the title screen appears sooner and more often
[GRAPHICS] Player and enemies flash white when hurt
[GAMEPLAY] The Lance dash attack does more damage and pushes you back more
[MENU] Levels after 7 are hidden until LVL7 is completed
[AUDIO] The text SFX doesn’t play when adding spaces
[WEAPONS] Sniper Rifle shots pierce through multiple enemies

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] Fixed the Quadcopter not appearing in LVL5… for real this time?
[GAMEPLAY] It was possible to get stuck falling onto the ground at the start of LVL5
[GAMEPLAY] It was possible to deflect turret rockets in LVL5
[GAMEPLAY] Enemy drops were not working


Yes, I am still working on LVL6. Stop asking me that, imaginary reader!

In the meantime, pressing issue: My website is terrible. Maybe you can’t tell by looking at it, but it’s a mess. I’m gonna fix that.

Bad news: Bad things might happen while I transfer. I will try to keep the game working, but you might lose the ability to load/save your files/scores (they’ll still be safe with me even if you can’t reach ’em!). If you lose access to your account or your save files, don’t panic! They’ll be back.

Good news: I’m getting a better hosting plan and working to de-terrible-izeĀ  the website, making the following things happen:

  • My new plan will let me send emails for stuff like password recovery and feedback on bug reports!
  • I’ll have a local copy of the website to edit so I can test changes before making them go live and break everything! Fancy that!
  • I’m gonna make the code more modular so my changes will have a smaller chance of breaking everything.
  • The Big Database of Everything will get copied over, so your accounts and save files and highscores will be left intact. 93.2% Guaranteed*!

Note: The domain is staying the same, so your bookmarks for are still good!

So, here goes my weekend project. See you on the other side!

* What can I say? The game’s a beta. That said I will do everything I can to make sure you don’t lose everything. Backups upon backups!

Down but not out

Well, it’s time for some bad news. August is almost half over, and I have very little progress on Level 4 to show for it. Furthermore, the school year is about to resume, and that will likely hinder progress further. The end result is that LVL4 may not be ready for release by the end of the month.

That’s the bad news. Time for some good news. There will be an update this month. Even if LVL4 isn’t in it, it will have some of the myriad improvements I’m also working on:

  • Prettifying levels 2 and 3 with previously-missing graphics
  • Balancing out the power of the game’s many guns
  • Adding one more melee weapon and one more accessory to fill in the row 3 items (unlocked with level 4)
  • Adding quit/resume/continue buttons to the pause screen
  • Adding the missing opening/closing cutscenes to levels 1-3 (yeah, you thought there was only going to be the one, didn’t you?)
  • Opening a beta server where a select few beta testers can try out unfinished levels (with cloud sync and highscore upload disabled) – leave a comment here if you want to be a private beta tester!

To keep you excited until then, here’s a familiar picture of LVL2 in all its back-dropped glory:

Level 2, complete with a new backdrop
Level 2, complete with a new backdrop

Almost Done!*

Good* news! Level 3 is still on track for release by the end of the month. However, the new title screen may be dropped from this release (cue much* sobbing* from fans*).

While it’s not quite finished, level 3 now has the best* graphics* ever seen in the history of video games. BEHOLD!

Level 3, with the best graphics ever*
Level 3, with the best graphics ever*

Okay, those are just prototype graphics that I hastily whipped up to build the level with. My graphics guy is working on the real graphics with which I will give this otherwise functional level its needed facelift before release.

Oh, want to know what this level’s going to include? Well, for starters, there’s PAIN. And SUFFERING. But this time, it’s more platforming PAIN than combat PAIN. Gotta have some variety in this game! But more importantly, this level will present the chance for you to race each other to a perfect 300 score. Because that’s all that really matters.

Well, talk* to you later! Hope you like level 3 when it comes outĀ  in 11* days!



* You really thought there would be a footnote, didn’t you. Joke’s on you!

Boss Time!

In case anyone’s wondering, I am working on level 3. In my customary style (as of level 2, at least), I have finished the boss before I’ve started on the level proper.

So the level itself doesn’t have anything except a little test area, but I must say – the boss is awesome. Expect a very harsh fight that actually changes as you progress. Expect to keep an eye on your environment, because the boss doesn’t always have to hit you directly. And expect to have fun! When you get a chance to test it, if it’s not fun, let me know. But I think you’ll like it. Call it foolish optimism if you like.

Things left to do:

  • Make all the normal enemies
  • Get the level’s tileset from the graphics guy
  • Finish sketching the level
  • Build the level from the sketch
  • Playtest. A lot.
  • Let you guys playtest!

In case you haven’t seen the Master To-Do List, level 3 is scheduled for release by the end of this month. Stay tuned!

Big Things to Come

Hello, loyal beta-testers, and welcome to yet another incarnation of the Changelog. Blog? Changeblog? No, that’s terrible. DevBlog sounds clever and techy. This one is run on WordPress so it’s plenty fancy.

Level 2

Many of you may be wondering if and when Level 2 is ever coming out. The answer is, soon! Very soon. Sometime this month, actually. I’m just fixing up the leftover bugs, making it less astonishingly cruel, and waiting on the Graphics Guy to finish up the last few pieces of delicious eye candy. And speaking of eye candy, here are some free samples!

Roughed-up buildings, new enemy, and dynamic shadows! Placeholder graphic is a placeholder.
More of the same. I can be original, really!
More of the same. I can be original, really!
Skydiving like a boss!
Skydiving like a boss!

Bugs and Stuff

If you have run into the bug where you can’t log in, I apologize.
If you have run into the bug where your game is not saved sometimes, I apologize.
If you have run into the bug where your save is not properly loaded, I apologize.

This game has bugs. Adding cloud saving can be really convenient for some people, but it also introduced a bunch of bugs. I’m working on ’em. I really am. My new and improved website logger and this neat tool I downloaded should make it easier to test the site and pinpoint the problems. In the future, I might make a way for you to email me your problem and automatically attach your logs with them, but for now bear with me. This is an in-development game, after all.


I don’t like ads. You don’t like ads. No one likes ads (except advertisers and Google). But they are a necessary part of life. They help put a few more pennies in the pocket of this poor developer (who runs on a very small budget). So please, if you are using AdBlock or such software, please add to your whitelist! Just ignore those ads and let the pennies flow!

Thank you for understanding. You rock!

Plans for the Future

Okay, enough depressing stuff. This will cheer up anyone who likes a challenge: new game modes!

(None of these have been added yet. Thus the “Plans for the Future”).

  • Endless Mode (Ground and Space variants): Want to compete for the highest score? Wish there was no score cap? This mode will allow you to fight endless waves of increasingly difficult enemies. How many can you beat? Will you show off your hard-earned score with pride, or hang your head in shame (-1 kills? How did you even do that?!)?
  • Grand Tour: Individual levels too easy? How about all 9 at once? You get only 5 lives (same as a single level) to clear the entire story. Survive it all, and you can earn up to another 100 points (one level’s worth) to hang on your highscore! (Note: I might decide to make it 900 points. Maybe).
  • Boss Rush: If you’ve ever played the Super Smash Bros series, you may be familiar with this concept – fight through all 9 of the game’s bosses with one life and a limited number of recovery items in-between! Oh yeah, and I’ll throw in one more super-boss to make it interesting. Beat all 10 for another 100 points (or maybe 200. I don’t know.)!


What would you like to see in this game (besides more than 1 level – I really am working hard on it)? Let me know in the comments here! Found a bug? Head back to the site’s existing Bug page to let me know about it!