Gamepads and Early Game Cleanup

Huzzah! Here’s the first update after releasing on Steam! This update is responding to some player feedback. And yes, if you have feedback of your own, don’t hesitate to let me know on the Steam community page! Or, if you’ve got the game on GameJolt or instead, you can leave a comment there or email me at support (at) carnageinspace (dot) com.

Things of note:

1. Better gamepad support! By this point you should be able to navigate the entire game (barring login) using just the gamepad.

2. LVL1 is less likely to get you lost and/or fallen down to earlier in the level.

This is of course not the end of maintenance – I’m still planning to add Steam achievements at the very least.



== Major ==
[MENU] The “Talk” button is now called “Confirm/Select” and can be used to navigate menus

== Minor ==
[CUTSCENE] Tweaked some text in the LVL4 outro
[GAMEPLAY] The Rotoblaster is more precise
[LEVEL] Some sections of LVL1 are less confusing and it’s less easy to fall down to the beginning
[LEVEL] Bombs in LVL4 will appear immediately, rather than as soon as they’re announced
[MENU] There’s a quit button on the title screen
[MENU] Gamepads can be used to skip cutscenes and the loading/title screens
[MENU] Toggling fullscreen and integer fullscreen modes takes effect immediately
[SYSTEM] The game opens in a maximized window

== Bugfix ==
[MENU] Pressing Pause or Confirm on the gamepad in the gamepad settings would set that key to pause/confirm

Feedback Time!

Since releasing on GameJolt, Ignition has got a lot more players! Rejoice! And with that new batch of players, I’ve got a new handful of player feedback! And that’s what this update is about. Well, that and the login menus.

Login Redesign

Less is more.

The Login, New Save, and Select Profile menus have all been redesigned to be cleaner, visually more in line with the rest of the game’s menus, and more keyboard-friendly. Now you don’t have to use the mouse to get into the game before you start playing with the keyboard!

Player Feedback

I’ve made a few tweaks/bugfixes in response to things that some new players have complained about:

  • You can now hold the jump button to jump higher (or tap for a short jump) while wall-jumping or double-jumping, just like you already could when jumping from the ground.
  • The mouse cursor will appear as soon as you move the mouse, regardless of whether or not there’s a menu you can click on.
  • Dying while fighting the LVL7 boss would not make its spawned mooks go away when you continue.


Boss rush is nearly done! I just need to make some cutscenes and one new attack for a boss before I can get it out the door. I can’t wait!

Until next time,


== Major ==
[MENU] Redesigned the Login menu to be cleaner and less noisy
[MENU] Improved the New Save menu to describe the difficulty levels, be more keyboard-friendly, and look more in-line with the rest of the game
[MENU] Redesigned the Profile select menu to give you a fixed number of save slots and be more keyboard-friendly

== Minor ==
[GAMEPLAY] You can now hold down the jump button to jump higher while wall-jumping or double-jumping (same as jumping from the ground)
[GRAPHICS] Background foilage in LVL1 is darker
[MENU] The mouse cursor will appear when you move the mouse, even if the menu is disabled/hidden
[MENU] More text in the Settings menu is in the game’s custom font
[MENU] The login page remembers your email address (but not your password)

== Bugfix ==
[AUDIO] The cursor move SFX would not play while moving the mouse over LevelSelect
[GAMEPLAY] Escaping and re-entering Desakh’s boss arena would cause you to get stuck skydiving
[GAMEPLAY] Spawned mooks would not go away when restarting after dying to the LVL7 boss
[MENU] Some text in the Settings menu was displaying “null”

Spit and Polish

Boss Rush is nearly done! That bonus boss is starting to look pretty horrifying! But before I toss the next (and FINAL) major release out the door, I figure it’s about time to hand you my very large pile of bugfixes and minor updates.

First off: Desktop versions!
You can now download Ignition for Windows or Mac OS to play from the comfort of your desktop/laptop. It even gets its own neat little icon in the taskbar/dock!

This may not seem like much, but this will be the key to figuring out my monetization strategy. Who knows? You may someday see this game on Steam.

Next up: Hit flashes!
Every melee weapon (and eventually, every bullet) has a unique flash that appears over an enemy when you hit it. Just a little more flavor shaken into the game, I guess.

Tag. You’re it.

Let’s see. What else is there? Oh, yes. Better confirmation dialogs (before you log out of your offline save and delete it forever), the very last updated shop image (for the Polar Blades), some more Easter Eggs, and a slightly grumpier Quadcopter (in LVL5). I’d mention bugfixes, but that’s what the changelog is for.


Until next time,

~ MM

== Major ==
[SYSTEM] Added downloadable versions for Windows & Mac (available on the home page)

== Minor ==
[CUTSCENE] The camera shows you what’s going on elsewhere during the LVL9 post-boss cutscene
[GAMEPLAY] The Grenade Launcher’s grenades travel farther
[GAMEPLAY] Added two more Easter eggs
[GAMEPLAY] The transition in the LVL5 boss fight from turret to on-foot battle is more dynamic
[GRAPHICS] Added hit flashes for all melee weapons
[GRAPHICS] Redesigned the detail image for the Polar Blades
[MENU] Redesigned confirmation dialogs (when logging out of an offline save, for example) to be less obnoxious
[WEBSITE] Added recent achievements to the Profile page

== Bugfix ==
[GAMEPLAY] The Grenade Launcher would do nothing if it touches an enemy as you fire it
[GAMEPLAY] Some of the trucks in LVL5 would cause you to constantly rise and fall while standing on them
[GAMEPLAY] The usable turret in the LVL5 boss fight would occasionally drop items when destroyed
[GRAPHICS] The LVL5 background had a faint seam between the background image and the solid blue sky

Pain and Suffering and What’s That?

What’s new today? Why only the number one two a feature that all most some of you have been waiting for! I am speaking, of course, of INSANE! mode! This is the most ferocious difficulty setting of them all – only the most self-hating pain-seekers need apply!

In other news, the OST has been extended to LVL6, making the atmosphere extra eerie and sinister!

In other other news, I’ve begun hiding little secrets across the game. Keep a sharp eye out!

== Major ==
[AUDIO] Added new OST to LVL6

== Minor ==
[AUDIO] Added new SFX to the loading screen / studio logo
[GAMEPLAY] Slightly reduced Nightmare’s walking speed
[GAMEPLAY] Reduced the Scattergun’s rate of fire
[GRAPHICS] The mouse cursor will dissappear when you use the keyboard to navigate a menu
[GAMEPLAY] Added an easter egg… somewhere
[MENU] It was hard to select “Start in Fullscreen” with the keyboard

Took the Plunge

Hey look its LVL8 already!

Nah, just kidding. Look what IS new, though! It’s a brand-new Facebook page! Yay. If you’ve got a Facebook account, be sure to give it a like and share it with your friends! After all, friends don’t let friends pass up awesome indie games… or something like that!

From now on, anything I post to the blog will also be posted there. I’ll also try to post there regularly (no promises, mind you) with new screenshots and teasers and stuff.

P.S. You have NO IDEA how difficult it was for me to go make a Facebook account. UGH. One thing I thought I’d never do, I had to do for the sake of promoting my game. Worth it, right? RIGHT?

Until next time, HUZZAH! (See you on the FB page maybe?)

Why Hello, Newgrounds!

Guess what?

Carnage in Space 2 is now on Newgrounds! If there are any Newgrounds members here, please give the game a look and perhaps a favorable review? Pretty please? If you’re not a member, maybe you could… you know… make an account to praise this game of mine. No pressure or anything.

I will try to keep the Newgrounds version up to date, but if you really want to stay on the bleeding edge of CiS2 updates you can of course still play it here. Of course, if you’ve got an account here you can sync your save file between here and Newgrounds.

But hey, why am I still wasting your time here? Go visit the new CiS2 Newgrounds page!

Where it all began

Some of you may look at the title of this game, and wonder… if this is number 2, what ever happened to number 1? You could look at the Other Games page on the website and find it, but it’s a daunting task to get it running on your computer – until now!

I present to you, a single, simple download with only one application to start before you can dive into the original Carnage in Space in all its glory!

To play (Windows only):

  1. Download and unzip this package
  2. Open Carnage in Space.exe
  3. Enjoy!

To play (Windows, Mac or Linux):

  1. Download the same package
  2. Open zelda-w.exe
  3. Create a new save file and give it any name
  4. Before playing on the save file, press the “A” control (Default left Alt) and choose the file “Carnage in Space.qst”
  5. Play the new save file by pressing Start (default Enter/Return)

Note: See Other Games for a list of default controls.