Carnage in Space

By John Brink AKA MoscowModder

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When the remote colony of Dunest is in danger of eradication, three heroes answer the call. There may be enemies behind every corner, but together you can overcome any obstacle... as long as you can survive each other.

Carnage in Space: Crucible is the second game in this intense action-platformer series. With new characters, new weapons, and new techniques to unlock, there are countless tools available to let you adapt to and overcome any challenge that this strange new world has to offer.

Crucible will feature a branching storyline with multiple perspectives and multiple endings, allowing you to experience more over multiple playthroughs. But choose carefully - what are you willing to sacrifice for what's important to you?

This game is currently in active development, with a free demo available. To learn more, or try the demo, head over to our GameJolt page. Don't forget to follow the game while you're there, so you won't miss out on cool updates, sneak previews, and other tidbits!

Carnage in Space: Crucible logo

For years, he's served the law from the shadows. With an authority backed by his sword and force of will, special operative Nightmare of the IOTA coalition brings a swift end to any criminal or warlord foolish enough to disturb the peace. But when Nightmare is quietly sent down to support a civil war on the far-off planet of Appenna, not even he could be prepared for the deception that awaits...

Don't forget to try the game that started it all! Carnage in Space: Ignition is a fast, deceptively simple side-scrolling beat-em-up platformer, wrapped in a familiar 16-bit pixel art aesthetic.

There's an entire army of enemies gunning for you, and only one hero capable of stopping them - but little do they know, you have exactly the tools you need to win any battle. Keep your wits about you, choose the right weapon for the job, and be bold - the day will be yours in no time.

Ignition is both the first game in this violently-inclined action-platformer series, and my own first offering as a game developer. I had a lot of fun putting this game together and watching it evolve over the years, and if you're anything like me you'll love fighting through it while learning the best ways to carve through enemies efficiently.

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